Watchers 8: Cloak of Secrecy


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We continue with “Bill’s” implant and go into surgery with Dr. Roger Leir, his 17th and last implant removal surgery. During the procedure, the implant disappears from all test devices. Is there a spiritual / techno connection with what is going on?

Today we’re releasing the new Trailer for WATCHERS 8. It will be a film that continues where WATCHERS 6 and 7 left off, and will try to answer more questions on the UFO phenomena along with the postulation of Nephilim hybrid evidence from Peru. WATCHERS 8 continues with the removal of “Bill’s” implant that Dr. Roger Leir tested in WATCHERS 7. We also interview Capt. Robert Salas, former commander of a ballistic missile base where they had an unidentified craft hover over the base and deactivate all ten missiles. This happened in 1967. Oddly, a companion base had the same thing happen to them a few minutes later, the blast doors on the missile silos were simply lifted off and set on the ground. These doors weigh 20 tons each. Could we be seeing a big clue on how the ancients built their mysterious cities using megalythic stone structures?

WATCHERS 8 continues with the unwrapping of a baby mummy skull in Paracas Peru, and what we find shocked all of us. Other segments in WATCHERS 8 we’re keeping to ourselves at the moment, but please enjoy the trailer below.Our long time friend and associate, Dr. Roger Leir, passed away March 14th 2014. He was a big part of the entire WATCHERS series, and will be in Watchers 8 later this year.

Roger was always as excited about new discoveries as anyone I knew. His wit and kindness made everything we did together fun, and he became a favorite guest on the WATCHERS series where viewers would write in asking for him and inquiring about his health.

We are saddened by his passing, and feel the loss of his friendship and many years of collaboration and exploration. He will be greatly missed. A true explorer in the field who would gladly share his information with anyone that was interested in the UFO phenomena.

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