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L.A. Marzulli

Commentary and Lots of Questions


L. A. Marzulli

The picture above was taken at Machu Pichu several years ago. How everything has changed since then. There was no virus, no lockdown, no travel-ban, no social distancing, no deployment of our National Guard, no so-called, days of darkness…
Bob Ulrich came to the house yesterday and we spent the afternoon together driving around OK City. We were on a quest… I’ll leave it at that. During our hours together we kept coming back to the same word, stymied. In other words with everything that is going on neither one of us could come up with an explanation of what we are seeing. Is there an end-game? Is this a managed agenda and if so by who?
There are, in my opinion, two “rails” that we can travel down. The first one is this. The virus is real, is highly contagious, is in fact a pandemic. Trump, the CDC, WHO and a host of other alphabet agencies are doing their best to curb it.
Then we have the “Q” stuff. Simply put what we are seeing is the take-down of the Deep State, the shadow government, the Cabal’s, the Pedo-rings, the Vatican “rat-lines”, and the globalist agenda. This ties in with the so-called 10 days of darkness where the global criminals are being rounded up even as I write this. Q has been wrong before…is everything he is saying right now? We don’t know, which is why I’m not on board until I see some real concrete evidence instead of hearsay.
Here’s another thought. Many of us believe that the Anti Christ is alive on the planet today. Could we be looking at a set up for his revealing? Think about it, in the history of the world there has never been an event like the one we are seeing…never.
Then there’s this link on Drudge today.
Out of everything I have read I find this the most alarming…as it rips apart our constitutional rights. Why would the DOJ request this? Are we looking at the long arm of the Deep State with its Soviet-Style, draconian, view of America? Why would the DOJ “request” this?
So in closing. While the virus is real are we looking at a managed agenda by the Globalist to enslave all of us all, or, as “Q” tells us, will the Deep State, and the cabals be rounded up and brought to justice?
I’ve been told to wait for the 30-day mark. That all will revealed then. We’ll see. In the meantime, stock up today on food and water. Pray with your families. Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and peace in these unprecedented, tumultuous times…
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