The Heart of Empress Pelosi!

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The Heart of Empress Pelosi!
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L. A. Marzulli
I watched President’s Trumps incredible speech last night. I also noted the sour-puss Dems looked like they were at a state funeral rather than a state of the union address.
 A lot of the Dems don’t like America, at least the majority of America that voted Trump into office. They don’t like borders. They don’t like a ban on partial-birth abortion which I would posit to them is a holy sacrament. They don’t like being told that they can’t give ILLEGAL aliens full medical coverage. They don’t like being told Sanctuary Cities are not what Americans want. They don’t like being lectured on the ills of socialism.
Then we have her majesty, Speaker Pelosi, who ripped up Trump’s speech as he was concluding. Nice theatrics, Speaker Pelosi but I would offer this. Hillary lost the election because she called half of Trump’s supporters Deplorables. You know, homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic…
I think Pelosi showed the American people the “soul” of what has become the Democratic party. Nice going, Ms. Pelosi. You just trashed half of America and you showed us your hatred for what Trump stands for. I suppose you hate Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again. I suppose you will try to impeach him again before the election. But note this, America is watching and I would think that the House will be in Republican hands come November as well as our President’s re-election.
I can only hope that people in your mess-of-a-district will have the gumption to elect someone else and you can finally “retire with your millions.”  Your heart has been revealed for all to see and it is, in my opinion, wicked and corrupt.
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