You Can’t Do Anything… Not So Fast Citizen!!!

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Iran’s Khamenei Taunted Trump Before Soleimani Strike: ‘You Can’t Do Anything’

Commentary and Astute Observations
by Your Intrepid Host
L. A. Marzulli
The Mullahs in Iran live in a vacuum. They truly believe they are untouchable and we see this with Khamenei’s taunt to our President – You can’t do anything.
Fact: The Iranians led an unmitigated attack on our embassy in Iraq.
Fact: Most likely this was orchestrated by Soleimani.
Fact: Unlike Obummer and the bungling-lying-what does it matter-witch, Hillary who I believe is directly responsible for what became the disgrace known as Ben Ghazi, Trump cut off the head of the snake when he ordered the strike on Soleimani.
Fact: Soleimani is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans as well as help creating the deadly roadside bombs which could pierce any armored vehicle resulting in the maiming of hundreds of our soldiers.
Fact: The only thing the Mullah’s respect is force. Think about it. Obummer gave them 150 BILLION dollars to appease them and what changed? Nothing.
The Demonrats are whining about how Trump should have consulted them. Did Obummer consult with Congress when he killed Bin Laden? NO! (I don’t think it was Bin Laden that was killed but that’s another blog!) Typical double standard.
The take-a-way for me is this. Like our elimination of the Black-Turbaned weasel Al Baghdadi, it’s a good thing for the world that this bloodthirsty terrorist is no longer alive and well and plotting to kill people. The strike also sends a very clear and somber message to the Mullah’s, we can and will do something when we are threatened. There’s a new sheriff in town…
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