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Cigar-shaped UFO appears over Arizona airport to end bizarre 2019 sightings


Commentary and Sarcasm


L. A. Marzulli

Reporting from an undisclosed location somewhere in the hills of Missouri, I’m your intrepid reporter…
Let not your heart be troubled as this photo showing what appears to be a UFO hovering over restricted airspace is nothing more than a weather balloon caught in a thermal pocket, reflecting the planet Venus as it is towed by a flock of birds who are pecking at the balloon. Nothing to see here please go back to watching football games or baseball games or soccer games or video games and make sure you have plenty of sugar. Don’t worry, statics show that you most likely will never see a UFO so there’s nothing to worry about. Of course, if you do happen to see one you can immediately use the above description to comfort yourself knowing that those pesky weather balloons are everywhere!
Seriously though, what is it going to take to wake up the folks? Most of you who come to this blog already are armed and dangerous in that you know the UFO phenomenon is the great deception, the strong delusion that is spoken about in our Bibles. But what about your friends and loved ones who are still caught up in the matrix?
Think about waking them up.



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