Huge UFO Over California – Impeachment UPDATE!

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The Dirty Dems are going to impeach our President.

Fact: The republicans were not given a chance to question Pencil-Neck who was conveniently absent from yesterday’s proceedings.
Fact: The republicans could not call their own witnesses.
Fact: The 8 lines of the transcript of the phone call between Ukranian president and President Trump explicitly exonerates Trump from any Quid pro quo.
Fact: The entire proceedings looked more like a FGB kangaroo-court where the outcome is already set no matter how much evidence to the contrary is produced.
Fact: The Republicans were supposed to be able to have their own day of questioning but that never happened.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden who actually did a shake-down in the Ukraine which I posted a while back, skates, as well as Hillary who deleted 30,000 emails. Double standard? You bet!

November is coming! Vote them out of office!

TRUMP 2020



The internet has of late been in a frenzy over a weird object hovering above the small California town of Menifee. Footage that first emerged on YouTube on 3 December, despite originally being shot on 19 October, sported a vast amount of lights, with the glow leading viewers to think it could be a drone lurking in the clouds.

On top of that, the object seemed to be silent, stuck on the horizon without changing its position, making conspiracy theorists likewise rule out skydivers.


Thanks to Mike for sending me this article.
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