The Rule Of Law? Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

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Democrat Report Opens the Door to Expansion Beyond Trump-Zelensky Call for Impeachment Probe

The House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry amounts to an “orchestrated campaign” to undermine America’s democratic system by removing President Donald Trump, mainly based on “accusations and assumptions of unelected bureaucrats,” the GOP’s report on the quest to push the U.S. commander-in-chief out declared this week.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Paul Manafort is rotting away in a jail cell. Carter Page’s life was upended by false accusations. Roger Stone is under a gag order not to talk about his trial and he’s looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars. WELCOME TO THE BRAVE NEW WORLD! ORWELL WAS A PROPHET!
Our president, The Donald has first been accused of colluding with the Russians and rigging the 2016 elections. When those accusations collapsed of their own weight Shifty Schiff focused on the Ukranian phone call and an alleged quid pro quo. Witness after witness came to the House of Representatives and their testimony fell flat. In other words, there was no quid pro quo and in fact, Trump was quoted by Ambassador Sondland as stating just the opposite.
No matter. In the brave new world of the Democratic Congress’s ideology, you are guilty from the get-go. You can’t address your accuser—as we still don’t know the identity of the alleged whistleblower who accused the president of  the quid pro quo.
Welcome to the new America where you can be charged with hate speech for having conservative views that will bounce you off of twitter or youtube faster than you can say censorship.
What is very alarming to me is that this can happen to anyone. Just ask General Flynn, Manafort, Stone or Page or for that matter Justice Kavanaugh. Their lives and families are in shambles. Their finances drained, their reputations ruined.
What we are seeing with Adam Schiff and others of his ilk is something that belongs in the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. As Donald Trump stated yesterday, Shiff is deranged.
I would posit that Schiff has lied to the American people and conducted the phony impeachment hearings in a way that would make the former Soviet Union proud. Well done Comrade!
This isn’t the America I grew up in and frankly, I am now terrified at what I see. Anyone of us is vulnerable to this type of Draconian witchhunt. Guilty until proven innocent…
Drain the Swamp. Recall Schiff. Vote for Donald Trump in 2020!


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