Iran – The New Revolution!

Many of those detained are said to be in critical condition. The Kurdistan Human Rights Network has reported that 200 protestors, some of whom were under the age of 18, from cities scattered around Iran’s western provinces have been taken to an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) base in Sanandaj, where they have been tortured. Many of these protestors had been shot or otherwise wounded, but the IRGC is refusing to allow them to receive medical treatment.

Regime Interior Minister Abdol Reza Rahmani-Fazli said that “confessions” from detained protestors would soon be broadcast on regime-run TV. Showing public “confessions,” induced through severe torture, is a standard practice of the Khomeiniist officials.


Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
The people in Iran have had with the Mullah’s, the Morality Poice, and the lack of freedom. There is NO Internet in Iran for the common man. Women must wear the Hijab—the viel—and the morality police will fine or imprison women if they don’t comply. The Mullahs rule everything but they get to use the Internet and other “western” technology.  The Iranian police and military are of course armed while the average citizen finds it almost impossible to own a gun.
There are now over 900 people who were killed by the Iranian jack-booted goons. Others are rounded up for torture. The Iranians are very skilled at torturing someone until they will confess to anything.
Remember our second amendment is to protect the citizen against a tyrannical government. While the USA is certainly not Iran, there are politicians on the left who would come for our guns and take them away.
Chicago is the US murder capital, with over 200 people shot to death in 2018.
So here’s the elephant in the room that the Radical Dems won’t talk about…i.e. gun control doesn’t work. End of story.
People want to be free. All we need to look at is the ongoing push-back in Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong don’t want communism. They embrace the values and freedom that we have here in America. Yet there are those in our country who hate what America stands for and want a very different America. They want to control our lives from cradle to grave. Higher taxes, bigger government, and endless legislation. Don’t be fooled.
Vote for The Donald in 2020. Protect our rights to bear arms…


In Iran, private gun possession is 7.32 firearms per 100 people. It is close to impossible to own a firearm in Iran. Many questions the restriction on guns in Iran. Some would even go as far as to argue that these restrictions are entirely unfair and strip the Iranians of their rights. While others argue that they believe that Iran’s belief in gun restrictions are on the right track and should be considered in other countries, as the US and even Canada. Whatever side of the debate is right, the facts remain the same.

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