The Deck Is Stacked.

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Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli


I’m wading through Gregg Jarrett’s new book, Witch Hunt. It’s a great read and Jarret lays out his case for the ongoing withhunt that has enveloped our president since the day he took office. What amazes me is this. The media has done nothing but go after Trump since day one. Essentially they are an extension of the Democratic party. Thus, nothing that Jarret is exposing in his book is reaching the people. This is why Trump was booed at the world-series game. The folks don’t have all the facts. They rely on CNN and MSNBC and other outlets which castigate Trump at every turn.
What we are looking at, in my opinion, is the greatest misuse of power in the history of our country. Jarret lays out his case—he was and is a lawyer—methodically in the book and what he reveals is startling.
  1. The FBI led the charge with the fabricated Russian collusion story known as the Steele dossier. This was concocted and paid for by the Hillary for President Campaign as well as the Democratic party.
  2. Peter Sztzok and Lisa Paige created this “insurance policy” i.e. the Russian collusion story in case Trump was elected.
  3. The Comey FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal was a complete white-wash job and essentially concluded that she was innocent of any wrong-doing before they even looked into the case.
  4. The DOJ seems to be complicit in all of this as well.
Now we have Adam Schiff conducting impeachment hearings behind closed doors? Witchhunt anyone? We all know what conclusion Pencil Neck will reach…Trump is guilty of pressuring the Ukranian president to get dirt on Joe Biden. They’ve already reached their verdict.
Meanwhile, Hunter Biden, as well as others, have received lot’s of money for doing what? Sitting on the board of a Ukranian oil and gas company. Can you imgaine if Donald Trump Jr. had done this and collected 50k or more a month for doing what?
There is an agenda in this country by the progressive left-wing of the Democratic party. It is to create a different America than the one we live in now. It is for open borders, sanctuary cities, funding of immigrants, while our vets go unattended. It is to celebrate the LBGTQ agenda as well as blur the lines between the sexes and tell us that there’s no difference. Meanwhile, transgender males are competing in women’s events and winning! Wow, do you think being born male has anything to do with it?
Our country focuses on banning plastic straws while thousands die from the ongoing opioid crises. Our young people want socialism but they have no idea of what it really is and don’t realize there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
Our colleges in many cases have become nothing more than indoctrination centres for liberal thinking.
Meanwhile Bernie Sanders rants and raves about creating an America that mimics Canada or Scandinavia. Hey, Bernie, there are 300 million people living here versus a fraction of those numbers in the places you named. Please visit Venezuela for a few weeks and then report back to us how great Socialism is…
AOC blames the fires in California on climate change. Never mind that environmentalist have prohibited the cutting of trees, fire breaks and controlled burns to save the Spotted Tree Newt… (I don’t think there’s such a creature I made it up…) The Tree Newt has more importance than the lives of everyday Americans.
In closing, Washington is a swamp and what has happened to Trump should never happen to any other elected president in the future. We need term limits. We need to recall some of these career politicians.
I predict that when the IG releases his report about what may be the illegal FISA warrants that were used to spy on the Trump campaign there may be implications that go to the highest places in the Obama Whitehouse.
The Deck is stacked!
In the end, there’s my ongoing hope of the return of the King. He is what I put my hope and trust in… not man. Maranatha!


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