Secrets of the Supernatural – Voices From the Other Side

Commentary and Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
I finished the last two conferences of 2019, which were the Prophecy Watchers conference in Oklahoma and then flew into Irvine California early Saturday morning for The Hear the Watchmen conference.
As always, it was great to meet new folks as well as some familiar faces. Thanks for turning out!
When I arrived I heard that Henry Gruver had passed away. I knew he wasn’t doing well but the news still caught me by surprise.
I had the privilege of meeting Henry at the Gen-6 conference in Branson in 2017. Steve Quayle did an interview with Henry about his experience on the Great Serpent Mound and Steve allowed me to use the audio in the film, Secrets of the Supernatural – Voices from the Other Side. (Thanks to Rhonda for searching this out!)
Wesley Sangiorgi who has done all of the CGI—computer generated Imagery—for our 6 films brought the narrative to life!
Henry Prayer walked hundreds of sites all over the world. He was called by The Lord to do this. A word of caution here, this is not something to take lightly as these sites are highly charged.
What I mean by this is that many of these sites had human sacrifice performed on them as well as occult/satanic rituals. These sites are gateways and portals which is why the Mayan Elders went to the Serpent Mound in 2012. In my opinion, they opened up a gateway there. (I show this in the film)
Henry went to the serpent’s head and prayed there. It was snowing and he had only a light jacket on. When he was finished praying he started back to his van. There was already about four inches of snow on the ground at this point. He was suddenly hit in his solar plexus by an unseen force which made him collapse in the snow. His legs were brought up to his chest and he was unable to straighten them. He couldn’t move and soon he began to realize that he was going to freeze to death. Henry cried out to the Lord and the Lord released him from what Satan was trying to do. However, The Lord also admonished Henry that He hadn’t called him to this site.
What is sobering about this testimony is that Henry learned what the sin of presumption was, first hand. In other words, Henry was moving in his own strength and will and not the direction and leading of the Lord.
Later in the film, we show the Mayan Elders, along with 13 crystal skulls, who are seen leading a chant on the Serpent Mound. It’s unnerving as I would posit the Mayan Elders are in the act of opening up a gateway or a portal to the unseen world that of the Serpent i.e The Dragon, Satan.
Secrets of the Supernatural is the third film in our On the Trail of the Nephilim series. The film drills into the fact that these ancient mounds that we see from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico may be, in fact, the result of Nephilim architecture/Fallen Angel technology.
After viewing the film Steve Quayle had this to say about it! Thanks Steve…
L. A. Marzulli lays out the root of superntural evil in a wonderfuly anointed presentation. So many just deal with the fruit of evil but L.A. goes to the very root of all evil, the Fallen Ones. 
The Nephilim are the originators of all evil exhibited against the living God and His folowers. and demonstrates the power in the name of Jesus!
When L. A. rebiked the evil powers in Jesus name the word HOLY came up on the Ovalis machin demonstrating that the name of Jesus is the most powerful name in the universe when appropirated by faith!
Tremendous job L. A. as your team of experts are some of the most powerful and anointed men of God I know…

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