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Venezuela Update.

I suppose some of you won’t take a look at this video as in some ways it is very depressing. However, the likes of Bernie Sanders, AOC, the left-wing media, and most of the Dems are embracing the ideology of Socialism, that has led to the complete collapse of a once-prosperous country, Venezuela. Socialism won’t work and never will.
When Bernie tells us he’s going to give us FREE stuff he’s lying and he knows it. Nothing is FREE and someone is going to pay for it. That someone is you and me, the hard-working Americans, the Deplorables that Hillary spoke of.
Remember the only ideas the Democrats offer us are abortion on demand, gay marriage, higher taxes, rounding up our guns—”Beto” stated so recently—and a lager more oppressive central government that will regulate everything you and I say and do.
Bernie, AOC, and other of their ilk should hop on a plane and spend two weeks in Venezuela. Then they can come back and tell us how the dystopian nightmare of socialism really works as they would have experienced it first hand. Of course, they won’t and that’s the point. Don’t confuse them with the facts.
In the meantime here’s a video that explains in clear concise terms what is really happening “down there.” Watch and remember this… there is no FREE stuff.
L. A.
L. A. interviews a pastor from the dystopian nightmare that is now Venezuela. Essentially nothing works…nothing. Venezuela was once a prosperous nation until socialism was introduced. Now its people are fleeing by the tens of thousands to find a better life. Bernie, AOC, and others of their ilk, should spend two weeks in Venezuela and then come back and tell us all about it… If only. Please consider giving to www.spanrelief.org/
All of your donations go to feed the hungry children as well as provide badly needed medicine. 
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