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UFO Disclosure
Bob Ulrich
It might be the biggest coverup in world history. Since 1947 and the Roswell UFO incident, we’ve been kept in the dark about the supernatural side of life. There is a real Satan. Angels, both good and bad, really do fly some type of advanced aircraft that defy the laws of gravity. Yet for reasons unknown, the governments of the world remain silent. As does the church! Perhaps that is all about to change with the startling revelation from an F-18 pilot who witnessed these supersonic craft in action and actually filmed it! Who is flying these “tic-tac” like craft that are able to appear and disappear at will into another dimension? And what will happen when one of these craft lands on the White House lawn and says, “take me to your leader?” Will this imminent disclosure be the event that explains away the rapture of the church? L.A. Marzulli joins Gary Stearman for a lively, information-filled interview on this strong delusion! Will the whole world believe the lie? The Bible says yes!

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Folks what can I say. What Bob Ulrich wrote about is the Coming Great Deception.
It’s happening right under our noses and I would think that many of you who are reading this know what’s coming.
Bully for you!
For those of you who don’t? May I point you to the book above… L. A. 


LA please ask the prophesy watchers to pray for us in Florida. I live just north of Orlando in lake county. This storm is predicted to be a cat 3. My husband is a disabled vet and has cancer. We need your prayers and protection from our Lord Jesus.


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