L. A. Marzulli on Freedom Friday with Carl Gallup!


L. A. Discusses his ongoing work On the Trail of the Nephilim. He focuses on Episode #3 Secrets of the Supernatural: Vocies from the Other Side!
There is a supernatural world and it is more real than the world we live in. What you will see in Secrets of the Supernatural will demonstrate this! L. A.


Every Pastor should watch this video!

Fritz Zimmerman

A note from L. A. 

We make films that reflect our mission statement: To expose the deception of the Prince of the Power of the Air and to herald the return of the King Jesus. When you partner with us by purchasing our films you support our work and keep us in the field, creating new informative films that expose the DECEPTION OF THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OR THE AIR! Thanks for believing in us! L. A. 

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Secrets of the Supernatural

Voices from the Other Side!

This is a mandatory watch in my opinion.

Steve Quayle


L.A. is successfully unlocking the secrets of the Mysterious Moundbuilders in this ground-breaking series. No one else is bringing this type of knowledge to Believers in these End Times.   -Doug Diamond, Diamondigital Media


A real must-see informative, a well-presented world view changing film.
Pastors Gary & Karen Zethraeus


Marzulli’s argument and growing body of work continues to make the case that these sorts of phenomena were not man made but were connected to the giants/Nephilim from the Bible.  Eric Wem


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