Acceleration Radio – Alien Abductions!

L. A. interviews the creators of Extraordinary – The Seeding. Is Alien abduction real? The producers of The Seeding, Jon Sumple and Jack Roth, believe it is and so do I! There is a breeding program that has been going on for years. Is this what we are warned will come upon the earth in the last days? Proudly sponsored by Jingos

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2 Responses

  1. Jon and Jack have done a lot of work to produce this film. I hope to see it soon. But I have a feeling it will not address one very important aspect of this hybrid/seeding activity by “ET” entities, which is the Spiritual side of the duality of mankind. Inside each of us is a pre-created spiritual/light life-form This spirit existed in heaven before it came into the physical body, aka incarnated into the flesh. This spirit is necessary for us to have advance intelligence, with all it’s ramifications. This spirit is what the battle/war is all about! It is NOT about this planet or your fleshly body. Each wants to claim your spirit for eternity! You are the one who makes that decision, they only try to influence it in many, many different ways. That is what the game is all about. Your decision is an eternal one! But the physical future is a different matter. There will be other battles to win and loose between these two eternal forces; other worlds, planets, cultures, physical beings, and yes, even hybrids beings, who will be seeded, not here on earth, but on other earth-like worlds, in this universe and beyond. The story will continue…….. The Spiritual Reality of the UFO Phenomenon Dr Scott Corder

  2. Two very nice gentleman produced a fine film I’m so troubled that their ‘open mindedness’ that most people seem to have will play into the ‘strong delusion ‘ So frustrating and sad…God bless you for getting the truth out. Cindy Felice

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