The Soul of Our Nation is At Stake…

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L. A. Marzulli

75 years ago today, my father, Olindo (Lynn) Quentin Marzulli landed on Utah Red beach in the D-Day invasion. He got his first of two purple hearts that day. He also received the Bronze Star.
He never could discuss what happened and when he tried to, he broke down in tears. However, on the 50th anniversary of D-Day, he spoke openly about it to me. We sat on the screened porch looking out at the spacious backyard which was his pride and joy in life as I asked him about what happened “over there.”
He talked about the landing in great detail. He told me there wasn’t much resistance like some of the other beaches. He said the action began to happen inland a little ways and that’s when he got hit and shipped back to England to recoup. About a month later he caught up with his men again. He was a lieutenant—later he attained the rank of Captain—and he led his men from the Hedge-rows of France to the Battle of the Bulge in Germany. His Bronze Star was given to him for what amounts to a suicide mission. He led his men across an open field to where the Germans were and there was hand to hand combat there.
My father, like so many of his generation, believed in our country and leadership. He fought for democracy, for freedom, for his love of America. Both of his parents were immigrants who got on the boat in Italy and made the long voyage to the “promised land” of America.
His parents, my grandparents, landed on Ellis Island and attained their citizenship legally. English was learned and was the first language spoken at their modest home in New Jersey.
My father was like many of his peers, an unsung hero who gave the best years of their lives to fight the fascist, totalitarian regime of the Nazis.
I know he would be appalled at the circus that is now Washington. Today, Nancy Pelosi stated that she wanted to see our president in jail. How do you have a government by and for the people when the other party wants to imprison the president and his family?
I know he would be astonished at what our media has become.
I grew up in the days of Huntley and Brinkley. They reported the news in an unbiased manner. Since then our media has become essentially the 5th column of the Democratic party. Other than FOX News, name me one positive story from a major media outlet about President Trump…just one.
We are at a crossroads in our country. The left openly decries white people as privileged. Pop singers fantasize about killing white men. How is that not a racist statement and why is there no outrage?
Wearing a MAGA hat can get you killed in some places in the USA. If you have a problem with making America Great Again perhaps you should move to the Peoples Republic of China, or better yet the socialist paradise that is Venezuela!
Our cities are becoming third-world-hell-holes. Needles, human feces, and homeless camps abound. In Los Angeles, there is talk of the Bubonic Plague as the rodent infestation has reached out of control levels.
San Francisco and Seattle, once tourist destinations, have become hell-holes as well. Why? Years of Liberal policies, high taxes, and big government programs—which don’t work—has led to their decline.
As I wrote a few days ago, where are the Republicans? Where is Mitch McConnell? Why haven’t they backed our president? Why are the seemingly content with letting the media and the Dems run rough-shod over our duly elected president?
Why hasn’t the media paid attention to the real collusion between the Obama Justice Department and 2016 elections?
Why don’t Pelosi and Schumer reveal their tax returns to us? Why are Obama’s college records sealed?
The soul of our country is at stake. All one needs to do is look at 30 years of liberal policies that is California to come to an understanding that high taxes and regulations aren’t doing anyone any good. There are now more people leaving California than coming to the once “golden state.”
The Dems only offer us abortion on demand, higher taxes, welfare for all, and cradle to grave control over our lives.
My father fought against fascism and the Nazi’s. He would never have embraced socialism and yet many in our country, who don’t understand and know history want us to go down this ruinous path.
Thanks Dad and to the men and women who gave their lives fighting for our freedom. Thanks for your service.
I only hope it wasn’t in vain and we will somehow retain the soul of our nation…


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