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Here’s why the Pentagon is so interested in UFO sightings

So, until humans understand UFOs better, we won’t be able to teach computers about them. In my view, the Navy’s new approach to reporting UFO encounters is a good first step. This may eventually lead to a comprehensive, fully integrated approach for object identification involving the fusion of data from many sensors through the application of artificial intelligence and autonomy. Only then will there be fewer and fewer UFOs in the sky — because they won’t be unidentified anymore.


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

It would appear that the Navy has lifted the “ban” on pilots discussing and reporting UFO activity. However, in my opinion, the article downplays the significance of UFOs and makes it almost seem pedantic. UFOs are anything BUT pedantic!
Where do UFOs come from?
Why do they play this cat and mouse game with us of appearing and disappearing?
How can they move with impunity over the air space of virtually every country in the world?
What are they made of? Are they nuts and bolts or something else?
Why is it that they take people and perform what appears to be genetic experimentation?
If they are so intelligent and their intentions peaceful, why don’t they give us the cure for cancer?
What is their end-game?
Why don’t they just reveal themselves once and for all? What is RESTRAINING them?
UFOs are real burgeoning and NOT going away. Their appearance is the most significant event of our time. When not if they do finally reveal themselves it will change everything!
This is why I wrote the book! To warn of what I call The Coming Great Deception. It’s happening and yet most people remain ignorant of what is being revealed slowly right in front of our faces! Wake up!

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