What If?

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

What if the recent signing in Alabama prohibiting abortion is repeated in other states?
What if the schism deepens between the left—the progressives—and those of us who hold to traditional values and the cause of the schism is the abortion issue?
What if the media and the Hollywood elites begin a war of words against those of us who believe abortion is murder?
What if there is no reconciliation between the two opposing ideologies?
What if the church galvanizes behind this recent movement to stop the killing of babies? (Please look at the picture above and explain to me how anyone can defend this?)
What if Hollywood’s reaction warning: people will take to the streets results in violence?
What if “we” take to the streets too?
What if we are at a cultural impasse with no resolution in sight?
What if we go our separate ways?
What if the union dissolves because of this issue?
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