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Another Monday…


This is from Forbidden Knowledge. I’ve signed up so I get emails pretty much every day. It’s about Q. Is it hope porn? Will we actually see the so-called Steele dossier which is the basis for the bogus Russian collusion story? I would hope that this would happen. We’ll see. Here’s the post. My comments are in blue. 
Dear L. A. Marzulli,
Over the weekend, QAnon made a large number of posts after having been quiet for several days. I’m not a big Q follower and I wouldn’t mention this unless the posts hadn’t so forcefully predicted some game-changing events taking place in less than 3 weeks, that if they don’t come to pass, Q will be invalidated. I’ve been following Q and if nothing happens that will be it for me. 
Among these predictions are that the Carter Page FISA warrants and the Peter Strzok-Lisa Page texts will be declassified and made public without any redactions, allowing the people to clearly see how Donald Trump had been under surveillance since 2015, prior to announcing his intentions to run for President. In order to avoid US data collection laws, assets from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance were employed. As Bill Binney stated in his March 1 podcast with Jason Goodman, data collected through the Five Eyes does not require a warrant and it can be requested by the FBI with virtually no oversight, which Q commented on as well. This is what will blow the lid off of the Obama justice department. It would appear that the real collusion is in the FBI and the DOJ. We’ll see. 
Q very uncryptically and in all caps stated that the declassification of the FISA warrants will trigger the removal of Rod Rosenstein, who is expected to step down in two weeks anyway and will factually demonstrate that the US Government, under Barack Obama knowingly presented false evidence to the FISA court to order the surveillance of Trump for the sole purpose of influencing the 2016 Presidential Election; that the “Russian hacking” narrative amounts to projection on behalf of Obama and Hillary to deflect attention away from their own clear attempts at election meddling. IF this happens and it’s a BIG IF it will finally begin to undo what many of us have thought for years regarding the Clintons. 
Besides implicating Hillary and Obama, John Brennan, Obama’s CIA Director, James Clapper Obama’s Director of National Intelligence and Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General will all be implicated. This is now a matter of fact. We know that all the ducks are in place and we should see indicments. However, if it all just goes away it is a clear signal that we have a two teired justice system. L. A. 
Pompous little Twit!
As I stated in an earlier BLOG, AOC may be the most dangerous woman in the USA. Socialism and her ridiculous Green New Deal will spell the death of America as we know it.
There’s no border crisis. Nothing to see here. It’s business as usual. No emergency. We should abolish ICE. Let’s keep our open borders. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!
This could be used for the wall? We’ll see…

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