National Emergency Coming! Bully for The Donald!

Trump will sign spending bill, seek a national emergency and ‘other executive action’ to build wall

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L. A. Marzulli


Bully For The Donald! What a great moment in his presidency! Of course, the naysayers and Dems who want open borders, not to mention the MSM will ramp up the charge of white privilege, racism, bigotry, and dare I say it xenophobic behavior.


I just wonder how many of the DC elites have ever actually gone to a border town and talked to the folks there. I wonder how many of them have spoken to former Arizona Governor Brewer!
Brewer may be the go-to politician when it comes to the wall because she had to deal with the harsh realities of the drug trade, and illegal aliens flooding across the porous southern border.
You may remember President G. W. Bush who stated after the events of 911 that the government was going to construct a fence to keep the terrorists out. Everyone on both sides of the aisle agreed. The problem was the government failed miserably and the border remained porous.
Ann Coulter stated recently that the USA will become a socialistic nation within 5 years if we don’t fix the border. She’s right and I would posit that the Democrats with their socialistic agenda are all for it!
When I’m at conferences I ask for the audience to raise their hands if they have not had anyone go through rehab due to drugs. While this is an “unscientific poll” it always amazes me that most likely less than 5% of the people in the room raise their hands.
The drug trafficking is through the roof and is poisoning our nation. How many more “angel moms” do we have to have? How many more lives will be taken due to child sex trafficking? How many more deaths due to overdoses will we have to bare?
Build the wall Mr. President. Build it and maintain it!
We the people stand with you!


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5 Responses

  1. I’m thinking that maybe the “Border Wall” isn’t about Immigration… it’s about “Eminent Domain.” I lived in Texas for 10+ years… I know that there are Ranchers that absolutely DO NOT want the Federal Government to have access to their property. There are 100’s Of miles that are currently private property that would be declared “Eminent Domain.” There are layers and layers of things in play with the “Deep State,” “Illuminati,” “Luciferian Elites,” etc…
    What’s the “End Game?”

  2. hi LA. hate to nag about trafickers vs smugglers vs lordsand the aliens among them but… no dealer ever forced me to buy and employers choose to invest in this franchise of the Conquest of Aztlan aka Republic del Norte, and Sheriffs and Police evangelize on a plank of Communist principles when they seize property albeit drugs and child sex traficking occurs because the same administrative governments coerce and threaten people and personas alike to an aspect of privilege preventing their utility of the2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
    all this we see today is legislative and ececutive and judicial job security: a government-created problem that intentionally takes too long to fix by otherwise un-American incompetent savage bafoonery that has sucked you and everyone into it aeay from… ET’s and Neppa Nephilim and left California one less able-minded man inaccessible for helping anyone since your above-ground non-mining-claim of household left you without reason of parking a more-obile RV like the real Americans The Truckers do for their families in time of Huricanes & Tornadoes & Floods & Naggers & Frito Banditos & now… fresh squeased juice shops.
    oh sign me a petition, pack up the wood lathe and welder and harvest equipment: we gotta leave town for the safety of… Okifanockey Hills by the pristine crawfish water Swaves of delightful country living. No it wont find us here. California will not spread to Oklahoma right? Is thete a nearby… Elks Club, Fly tieing Club, or Ham Radio Club? oh no, dont look! no! runaway!

  3. Unreal how you can support this New World Order Jesuit / Freemasonic puppet! and think that this wall is a good thing. The wall is to keep us in! Think about it people. If a wall was ever going to be built, don’t you think it would have been started on September 12th, 2001? Of course we all know that 9/11 was a false flag attack perpetuated by our own government and that there were no REAL terrorists. You all need to seriously wake up!

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