Is There a Dark Luciferian Agenda?

The Infanticide Craze

Laws permitting abortion up to the point of birth follow naturally from the country’s expansive abortion regime.

Democrats are increasingly explicit in their support for killing unborn children at any stage of pregnancy — and sometimes even of denying normal medical care to born children.

The Dark Luciferian Agenda


L. A. Marzulli


Over the weekend Speaker Nancy Pelosi sated this: We should protect God’s creation from climate change.”
Niki Haley responded in kind: What about the unborn babies?
Last week I posted several blogs about late-term abortion and infanticide. I called for a national strike. We must do something other than hold up posters and conduct another march which the MSM won’t cover.
I think one way to change the mindset of those supporting infanticide would be to bring a woman in labor onto the floor of Congress. Then all of our elected officials gathered there could watch the killing of the baby just after it was born. Of course, this would never happen. However, I wonder how many of those watching could condone the act? I can only imagine.
This graphic demonstration would bring the reality of what is being passed as “progressive,” by the likes of Governor Cuomo of New York, in a very real way. I wonder how anyone could possibly defend infanticide if they actually watched the “procedure.”
There is a dark Luciferian agenda that is sweeping our planet. It is one of murder and death. Who is the father of lies? Who was a murderer from the beginning? For those of us who travel in the Biblical Prophetic Narrative, we know that these dark sayings are attributed to the Fallen Cherub, The Dragon i.e. Satan.
Make no mistake the souls of these helpless children cry out and at some point they will be avenged.
God help us.

In Other News:

The rise of antisemitism has once again reared its ugly head both in our Congress with the likes of freshman Representative Ilhan Omar and in Europe.
As someone stated recently we now have HAMAS entrenched in our halls of power.
There is also a new wave of antisemitism in France and elsewhere in Europe. Why is this happening?  I would posit these heinous acts point to the dark Luciferian agenda, the mystery of lawlessness, that pushes its twisted ideology forward.
The reason the Jews are hated is that the Messiah came from the Tribe of Judah. The Messiah’s death and resurrection sealed the fate and crushed the head of the serpent, just like prophecy stated it would. (see Genesis 3:15)
People that are antisemitic like Omar have bought into the lies that were created, in my opinion, by the Dragon. Who is the father of lies?
We are seeing the Dark Luciferian agenda manifesting like never before. The church must rise up and fight back!
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