Feedback from The Folks. What Happened in Their Church Yesterday!

Here’s some very interesting feedback on yesterday’s blog. I’ll weigh on at the end! L. A.


L. A.:
For me the picture of the aborted baby was too much; I had to take action!  I had copied your entire web article of the other day and had sent that to my friend.
My pastor of small church in Purcellville Va discussed it throughly and we prayed a lot Thanks for the petition to sign.
My Pastor discussed the new New York rule by Cuomo at the pulpit today regarding abortion and that we should pray that these women who undergo this procedure would awaken and know that there is deception and evil in this world. That God loves and will forgive anyone who will repent. We are interceding for New York.
Good Day LA and Peggy,
Tried to reply to you post and Yahoo just had a melt down…wouldn’t type my words etc etc.  So:
Yes, my Pastor addressed this very issue this am.  He spoke about the statue Solomon had built of Molech and made sure we all were aware of what this statue was made for and the how it was accomplished and asked us how is what is done today any different?  He did not mince any words.   I am so very thankful for our Pastor.
An aside to you both.  I am also thankful you are both in Oklahoma now.   The getting there was horrendous, but personally glad you are away from California.  Been praying for people to be able to relocate in the last few years as the fires and storms raged, Perry Stone mentioned it a year or so back.  Saddened to know one of those families was yours.
Best to you,
Today’s message was The Sanctity of Life!
Can go here and watch todays message-
 And I said AMEN numerous times! Have already this past week use all the verses mentioned in the pastor’s sermon plus the verses pertaining to John the Baptist to stand up against vile FACEBOOK posts.
Lord Bless you !
Brett y Victoria
Our pastor didn’t mention Cuomo’s new law for NY or the massive celebrations.
We have a new pastor and he even brought up what’s going on in New York.  He called for what it is, murder.  There is still a few good pastors around.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

There’s hope! Iam bolstered by these comments. Can you imagine if the church rises up and begins to push back? Can you imagine if enough of us stand together in solidartiy and say “we’re not going to allow the killing of the unborn any longer as it’s murder!”
Can you imagine if we strike!
We, the people hold the power and if we push back we can change the egregious abortion law that Cuomo and others of his ilk passed in the state of  New York and heralded it as “‘progressive.”
Since when is the murder of the unborn considered “progressive?”

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