Help for This Young Family!

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I’ve posted this story as a lot is at stake for this young family. They are really up against this “trial” and an overzealous prosecutor is adding to everyone’s concern. Peggy and I have donated to this young family and I’m asking for those of you who are touched by this story to do as the Lord leads you to do.
We will have a special button on our site so you can donate there. Every cent will go directly to this family who is up against the legal system and can’t afford to pay for it. L. A.

Hi LA,
In January of 2018 my husband was involved in a 4-vehicle accident that resulted in the death of a young boy. On that cold, snowy night the car in front of my husband quickly slammed on their breaks to make a left-hand turn. My husband stepped on his own brakes, sliding into oncoming traffic. The car traveling opposite of my husband was going more than 10mph over the speed limit. They collided head-on and another vehicle (also speeding) slid into that same car from behind. The driver of the car which made impact with my husbands truck was driving her two young children, both car seat age in the back seat. The on-scene police officers and DRE officer believed that she was under the influence of alcohol due to the smell and her state of being. She also has many previous altercations including DUI and police assault. Though she refused a breathalyzer twice, when blood was finally drawn, she also tested positive for marijuana. Her son suffered severe head trauma due to not being restrained properly as he was ejected from his car seat in the accident. He passed away the next day.
What started as a very routine drive home from work, turned into a life-changing event for our family. My husbands first concern was everyone else even though his own head was bleeding and he was initially trapped in his truck. He managed to kick his door open and start helping everyone else involved. While the mother was wandering around, my husband held the little boy until the paramedics arrived. The cops held my husband without first allowing him to get medical care, to question and drug test him. He was compliant with all of their requests despite his own injuries. No other drivers were tested in this manner or treated this way. He gave consent to his phone and vehicle being searched which proved to have no activity or negligent behavior during his drive home. The new prosecutor in our city still decided to try my husband with both Vehicular Manslaughter and Vehicular Homicide. No other drivers have been charged in this case. We had to hire a defense lawyer that only keeps getting more expensive from the case dragging on over the last 10 months. After a jury found my husband not guilty of one count, he has to go back to trial for the other count in a few weeks. This situation has been particularly hard for us, as parents ourselves with our daughter who was only one at the time of the accident. I pray that no one ever receives the type of phone call I did that night while I was at work. And although I am thankful that my husband is physically okay, this has definitely taken its toll on his emotional and mental state of being.
I’ll never forget where I was standing when I got the call, the drive to the scene that seemed to last forever, the glass, lights and sirens and the little boy, who should have never been put in that car in the first place.
We are so thankful for your prayers and help and ask that you would continue to pray for us. We are believing that God will provide and bring comfort for all involved.

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