Late Term Abortions. Shame on Cuomo!


Late-Term Abortions approved by Governor Cuomo.

Cuomo has come under fire for this decision from many conservatives as well as Catholic — particularly for his decision to light the World Trade Center a bright pink in honor of the new abortion laws.

“The Reproductive Health Act is a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values,” Cuomo said. “… I am directing that New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.”

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
This story makes me sick. It’s a real in-your-face barometer of just how far our country, has slid into the oblivion of embracing a culture of death instead of life.
How can Cuomo state this:
“I am directing that New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.” Governor Cuomo
I wonder if Cuomo has actually witnessed a partial birth abortion? I wonder how Cuomo can defend against this picture? The baby was pulled apart in its mother’s womb.
This is the grim reality of what abortion is.
I would challenge any Democrat, progressive, pink-pussy-hat wearing liberal to defend against this. You can’t…
Cuomo has the audacity to call this “Mengelian-like” law an achievement. This is pretzel logic at its best.

(I’m referring to the Angel of Death in Auschwitz, Dr. Mengele.)

Life begins at the moment of conception when sperm and egg meet. There is actually an explosion of light in the womb and scientist have photographed it.
Here’s something to think about and it is another demonstration of just how far we’ve gone in the liberal state of California. I’ve told this story before but I’ll bring it up again now because it illustrates a point.
An old oak tree blew down in my yard a few years ago. It lay across the creek and was very unsightly. It also covered my potato patch. So cut it up for firewood you say? Not so fast citizen.
I had to go and get a permit from the fire department. They came to my house with their shiny red-fire-truck andexaminedd the tree. They concluded that the tree was in fact dead and then issued me a permit allowing me to cut the tree up.
In contrast, a teenage girl get an abortion in California without parnetal consent.
A minor may consent to an abortion without parental consent and without court permission. (American Academy of Pediatrics v. Lungren 16 Cal.4th 307 (1997)).
There are grave supernatural spiritual consequences from abortion. It is a Luciferian sacrifice to the Dragon. There are now 1 Billion abortions since Roe v. Wade. If we think the blood of the innocent doesn’t reach the throne room of the Most High God then we are, in my opinion, sadly mistaken.
What Cuomo and others of his ilk who proclaim abortion as “progressive” fail to understand is that the life is in the blood and the shed blood of the innocent creates a doorway for the demonic. The unbeliever, or progressive, liberal will scoff at this but nevertheless, I would maintain it is a fact.
With all that being stated is this the reason why some Christians are being abducted and are unable to stop their abductions? I don’t know and certainly don’t have all the answers to what is happening but here’s a chapter from the new book that addresses this.

Chapter 4. Do the 1 Billion Abortions Worldwide Have Something to Do With What We are Seeing?

I remember reading in my Bible about the Children of Israel sacrificing their children to the ancient Canaanites gods like Baal. I was appalled and wondered how people could do this abominable thing?
Fast forward to the present day where according to the latest statistics there are now 1 BILLION ABORTIONS that have taken place since the landmark case known as Roe V. Wade.
This is unprecedented in all of history. Never before has there been the wholesaler slaughter of the baby in their mother’s womb. 
We know from the Book of Enoch that the angels who sinned and took wives having children by them, in the Days of Noah, also were responsible for showing women how to kill the child in the womb.
In other words, abortion came right our of hell’s kitchen.
There are approximately 7 billion people on our round sphere called planet earth. It’s hard for me to grasp the 1 billion number. I can see a football stadium and know that it holds let’s say 80 people. I can that and in my minds eye I can imagine 12 or more of them and get a million people. However, I can’t get my head around 1 billion. It’s out of reach.
As I stated the abortion holocaust—I use the word holocaust because this is what it is.—is an ongoing unprecedented deliberate killing of babies on a global scale never before seen in the history of mankind.
A while back there were some very brave researchers who had a hidden camera with them. They had a meeting with a woman who was involved in the abortion industry.
As this doctor is munching on her lettuce and sipping her wine she’s causally relating how she won’t crush the head of the “fetus” if she’s trying to get a certain body part to sell.
This is right out of the worst nightmare scenario I can imagine.
The woman doctor is anything but. She’s a monster who ranks right along the Nazi doctor Menegle who practiced his barbaric medical experiments on Jews in Auschwitz.
We know from the Biblical Prophetic Narrative or as I sometimes refer to the Bible, The Guidebook to the Supernatural, the life is in the blood.
When an abortion is performed in fact any abortion that is performed blood is spilled. 
Satanists and occultists use blood sacrifice to open the gateways to the demonic realm.
The Mayan at places like Chicken Itza sacrificed upward of 50,000 people cutting their hearts out in a gruesome blood sacrifice.
This is deliberate and those who follow the dark path of the Dragon or Satan will spill blood deliberately in order to charge themselves with as much demonic power as possible.
We read about serial killers like Jeffrey Daumier who had a Satanic altar in his apartment. 
Make no mistake about it those who practice the dark arts know the power of blood sacrifice.
Authors Side Bar
I have spent time on a Navajo Reservation and have had the privilege of talking to men who were studying to be Medicine men or Shamans.
One man told me that he went to the end of his training only to find out that in order to acquire the power he had to kill a family member.
He realized at this point who it was that was behind the power. He ran for the nearest exit and gave his life to Christ. He later became a pastor.
The Shaman’s know that the life is in the blood. 
In a similar way the drug cartels in Mexico who pray to Santa Muerta, The Goddess of Death. They will sacrifice people in the most gruesome ways imaginable in order to get the protection from this ancient demonic spirit which has been what I would call a principality for perhaps thousands of years. We read about some of the killings but the MSM never explains what is behind the killings. They are ritual and they are keeping open the gateway to the power that the goddess Santa Muerta brings.
Having made my case for the life being in the blood and how the spilling of blood opens a doorway to the satanic world, is it a stretch to post that the 1 billion aborted babies have created a blood curse on the entire planet that in my opinion can not be undone?
I do think that Christians who pray and fast together can make a difference and create an open door to God’s throne room but only in a certain area where this is happening and only if people understand:
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Epehsians 2: 12
There is a blood curse on our planet and we made it so. Whether people want to believe this or not, I would state emphatically that it is true. 
And now I bring a very troubling conclusion as to what the consequences of these 1 billion abortions might be.
Have We Lost Our Covering?
When I was filming in Portugal I had no idea of the ancient goddess worship that was rife in the country before the Christian era. 
This goddess was Moura and she is known as the Mother Goddess. According to the legend, she and other goddess worshipped in Portugal had the ability to open or close portals and gateways and also the ability to spin the sun.
I was laying in bed and around 3 am I was hit with such intense spiritual warfare of such magnitude that I have ever encountered. I lay in bed and prayed and did everything I could think of to stop the unwanted thoughts that ran like am out-of-control freight-train through my head.
Every perverse sexual thought clamored for attention.
I was powerless to stop them. Finally, I told the Lord I was flying home in the morning. 
“To heck with this film, I’m out of here!”
It was then in the midst of the clamor that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said this.
Trust the process!
This is not what I wanted to hear at 3 am, trust me. The next day when I was conducting an interview I departed from my mental script and asked Manuel who is a Historian, what was here before the Christian era. It was then I learned of the ancient principality which I believe still holds sway over Portugal today.
Now before I lose some of you here let me turn your attention to the book of Ezekiel, chapter 8. It is in this chapter where The Most High God takes Ezekiel and shows him the detestable things that are going on behind the walls of the temple in Jerusalem.
Ezekiel was appalled and so was I when I get slammed by the ancient goddess who has in my opinion never been deposed from it’s place over Portugal.
The supernatural world is real. Paul’s writings in Ephesians is something every Christian should grasp and understand. We are at war with these entities and will be in a war footing until the King Returns.
So Why Did This Happen?
I was intruding on the Goddess land while making the Fatima films. 
She had legal right to be there and was empowered, I was an intruder and had no legal right to be there.
She has been worshipped there for thousands of years.
She knew what I was trying to expose and so came against me. All of my spiritual warfare training did little to stop the attack. However, eventually, they subsided.
All of this to get to the point that with 1 Billion aborted babies and their blood being spilled over the entire planet is it possible that we have lost our covering? 
Is it possible that God can no longer move and protect us as legally Satan and his dark forces now have the legal right to do what they please.
I would posit that this is the only explanation I can come up with why Christians are being abducted. 
Jesus warns us that in the last days:
They will have a form or religion but deny it’s power…
Many pastors yearn for revival and so do I. However, there is a blood curse on the land which in my opinion is stopping any revival from happening. 
Could this be the reason why in America we don’t see healings or miracles? Are we in fact praying under a brass heaven where our prayers are heard but not much can be done because of the blood curse?
Let me say this, that I have no idea of wether or not this is true. Frankly, I hope it isn’t. However, we are living in unprecedented times with the killing of 1 billions babies world-wide through legal abortions.
Is this the reason why Christians are being Taken against their will?
I don’t know but it may be and if I’m right in this it is troubling beyond anything I can imagine.


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5 Responses

  1. Fantastic commentary LA, I couldn’t agree more. None of us should be surprised when God’s judgement falls on the entire planet. What is surprising is that it hasn’t happened yet.

  2. CALM DOWN LA! Partial Birth vs Late-Term Abortion. All ET UFO pregnant abductees are in-fact Late-Term abortions. I think the proper model of confronting abortion is the legislative definition of alien and send ICE and INS at the abortion clinics because that is what they are doing! A mother of free will cannot rescind a Contract of Birth once signed by the Pen (intended).

  3. Wow, I just posted this on my Facebook account… take note of the reference to David Wilkerson’s books; “The Vision” & “Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth.”
    New York’s mentally deranged, sadistic hyper-liberal Governor has announced that ALL of New York’s famous landmarks will be lit-up in bright pink to celebrate their new law allowing LATE TERM ABORTIONS!!! I will spare you the horrific details of the procedure used to murder these infants… WATCH ! New York is going to witness first hand the wrathful judgement of an angry God. (remember David Wilkerson’s books; “The Vision” & “Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth.”)

  4. Dear L A, Thank you for your pursuit of Truth. I do believe that you are correct. There is no doubt that the blood of the murdered cry out – Just as we know that Abels’ blood cried out to God in Genesis. I am of the opinion that Countries like UK and USA are now well past the point of no return as the governing bodies have supported abortion and many other ungodly practices, LGBT and same sex marriage.
    Without Repentance there can be no recovery and thus I think that it is quite probably why the demonic is free to create such chaos on this earth.
    May our beloved Lord bless and encourage you as you move to Oklahoma and ma yourfrends there be enabled to bless you both as well.

  5. I refuse to accept the enemy has any legal rights anywhere because of Psalm 24 “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; all those that dwell therein”, and also in Psalm 50 where it states that “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills”. Spiritual warfare is indeed real, strong, and not just a day-to-day struggle for us as Believers in Christ, but also at times a moment-by-moment battle. When satan tries to tell me he is strong and has authority, I remind myself he can do nothing without God’s permission (re:
    Job) and I remember these verses and the fact that in Christ we have the authority to “trample on snakes and scorpions”! Psalm 91 is an excellent War Prayer!! Love your posts and YouTube videos, and am praying, Brother Marzulli, as you and your wife, Peggy, regroup and prepare to move to OK (great state, my BFF and sister in Christ lives in OK).

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