Over the Top Harry Reid!

Dying Harry Reid on Trump: He’s Amoral, Has No Conscience


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L. A. Marzulli

Tey another hit-piece on The Donald. Harry Reid claims President Trump is amoral. On what basis does he arrive at his conclusion?
Is it Building a wall to protect Americans? Limiting immigration from countries that promote terrorism? Putting American’s first? Attempting to limit government? Decreasing our taxes? Bringing troops home from endless war? Getting Rocket-man to stop his nuclear program? Getting us out of NAFTA? Getting us out of the bogus climate change/carbon tax nonsense? Telling countries that have been living off our largess for decades to start ponying up? Talking tough with China when it comes to the trade imbalance?
I wonder which of these issues makes The Donald amoral? Someone, please set me straight!
In other words, all Reid can do is throw out an inflammatory comment that’s not backed up by anything but his hatred for Trump. No facts…nothing.
I don’t like Trump’s over-the-top tweets. I don’t like his bombastic personality and his name calling. However, Trump is an executive. He’s an accomplished negotiator. He’s not part of the good-old-boy Washington elites. He’s not part of the secret societies like Bush was. He’s not part of the Deep State or as Eisenhower referred to it, The MIlitary Industrial Complex.
I wonder why Reid lashes out now on his death bed? I wonder what his true motivations really are.
The Dems will re-take the reigns of power in the House. Some of them can think of nothing else but Trump’s impeachment. To hell with the American people, impeach Trump!
Then there’s the FISA warrant which is the basis for the bogus Mueller investigation. When will the American people see what the FISA warrant says? When will the American people begin to connect the FISA warrant’s “dots” back to Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and perhaps the Obama Justice Department?
Mr. Ried, thank you for your service to our country. For putting the American people first and never your own interests.
For supporting Obama who doubled the national debt to over 20 TRILLION dollars, led from behind in the Middle East which essentially created ISIS, allowed the Russians to occupy Syria, focused solely on Transgender bathrooms in the last year of his presidency, left the American infrastructure in shambles, and bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, for starter…
Mr. Reid, with all due respect I take issue with your assessment, as for when we compare Obama to Trump it becomes very clear to right-thinking Americans who, in fact, was the worst president in the history of our Country. Of course, this blog will be read by a couple of thousand people and your diatribe will be seen by millions.
However, as a patriotic American, I will exercise my first amendment rights and push back against your false rhetoric which is biased, uninformed, and in short jejune of any real substance.



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               L. A. peeks into this world with tremendous insight and interviews with those in the know. You will be on the edge of your seat waiting on every word. And he does not disappoint. Do yourself a favor, get this magnificent work today!
You’ll see what I see…
David Paxton
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Moundbuilders is one of LA’s best work yet!! From beginning to end this documentary will have you on the edge of your seat. If you at all wondered how the mounds found all over the world could have actually been built, who built them and even why this is the documentary to watch. Could our history be wrong? Why does there seem to be a managed narrative and bias by secular academia? (Why, when following the evidence, does it end up taking us back to the bible?) Watch as (our friend) L. A. and his team goes on the trail to tackle these questions and more. Listen to Native American accounts and what Archaeologists and Anthropologists have to say when looking at evidence that doesn’t line up with official narratives. Is there a coverup? I can’t wait for the next installment in this gripping new series, On The Trail of the Nephilim.
Brian and Audrey Vanderkley


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