Migrant Caravan? A George Soros Funded "March?"

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Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Thousands of immigrants are trying to cross our border and gain citizenship. What happens if they succeed? Will they be given free stuff? Will they go to the head of the line over American citizens as far as services are concerned?
In my opinion, this latest caravan masquerading as migrants seeking asylum is a ploy to distract the American voter and make our president look heartless, and without pity, as Trump has threatened to call in the army to stop the illegal entry of 7000 plus people into our country.
What we should do as get about 4000 of our own people and drive across the San Diego border and demand asylum! I wonder how long it would take the Mexican government to jail us and deport us?
Make no mistake about it. If I write on this blog in support for border control then I’m a racist. If I call for a border wall to keep illegals out I’m defined as heartless Republican.
The globalists are seeking to destroy our country and collapse our system of government. They’re doing it in a variety of ways but one way is to allow 22 million illegal aliens already in the country to vote in our elections.
America stands at a crossroads. If the Dems take power we will see the loss of our tax cuts. We will see them attempt to impeach Trump and we will never see the border wall. Get out and VOTE!


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