Aliens at the Pentagon – UFO DISCLOSURE

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

(I will post Part 2 from the book Tomorrow.)

It would appear that yet another UFO film is coming out soon. It’s entitled Aliens at the Pentagon and stars UFO investigator and whistleblower, Nick Pope! (Check out the trailer above.)
For those of us who have been investigating the so-called alien presence, this is yet another step toward full disclosure. The discussion of UFOs has become main-stream and is ongoing with reports like we see on FOX news, specifically on the Tucker Carlson show.
Here are some questions we have to ask ourselves.
Where are these “intruders,” as Gary Stearman likes to call them, from? Are they extraterrestrial or interdimensional?
What is their end-game?
Why after decades of what seems like a cat and mouse game are they revealing themselves now?
I would posit that the world is poised to accept these entities as our creators. The world will embrace them and welcome these entities and their advanced technology with open arms.
However, what if there is a sinister agenda that is being overlooked in the rush to accept them?
In my opinion, this is The Coming Great Deception!






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