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L. A. Marzulli

This Q-post lit up my text messages and my E-mail inbox. So let’s walk through it. The question posed to “Q” is very straightforward. Are we alone in the universe?
Q replies with what I would consider the “stock” answer to the so-called Extraterrestrial question: No, consider the vastness of space.
Here’s where I stand and I’ll be discussing this at several upcoming conferences, the first being in Switzerland https://uni-light.org/?lang=en the second at the Prophecy Watchers Conference. https://prophecywatchers.com/product-category/live-streaming/
No one knows where we are in the universe or what this really is. No one. Not one person can honestly state where “all of this” came from. If the universe is analogous to the USA are we in Duluth, Miami, Walla Walla? See where I’m going with this? No one knows.
However, the Biblical Prophetic narrative states very clearly that Jesus created everything.
All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.
Of course to the modern-day, rational thinking, man or woman this idea is patently absurd.
However, what if it’s true? What if Jesus did make everything, which of course I believe He did.
So let’s talk about Roswell for a moment because that came up as well in the Q-post. Essentially Q told us Roswell was a reality. Does that mean Roswell is settled for me once and for all? Not in the least. For me, Roswell was settled when I sat down with Dr. Jesse Marcell Jr., years ago. Dr. Marcel related to me in an interview how his father had awakened both he and his mother on the hot July night back in 1947 and presented material that was not of this world.
Roswell happened. It wasn’t a weather balloon. This was the cover story used to calm the public. In a similar way the child-porn story that has now been floated in the MSM may be a cover story as to why the Observatory was shut down by the FBI.
Why the need to shut down an entire observatory. Why didn’t the FBI tell the local authorities what was going down? Secrecy over porn? Not buying it. The powers-that-be are once again manipulating the agenda. Information about UFOs is managed.
At some point, we are going to have full disclosure. It might not be a UFO landing on the Whitehouse lawn but it will be something that we’ve never seen before.
I have stated that I think it could be original footage from the Roswell crash site. I remember asking a retired two star general about what his thoughts were when he first looked at the retrieved bodies from the 1947 Roswell crash. The man’s body language went off the charts. He looked at me and with a face as hard as flint and stated: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
My new book discusses Roswell and so much more! There was a 70-year cover up that still continues to this day. The revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence is The Coming Great Deception!

The Pre-sale ends soon!

Check it out. www.lamarzulli.net

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  1. There was posted a picture of these so-called aliens on the Q post …see Neon Revolt ugly bugger for sure if this really is what they look like.
    REMEMBER Brother’s and Sisters no matter what Hell will NOT prevail against God’s church!

  2. I don’t quite trust this Q as Q has promised a lot in the past and has been wrong. Jerome Corsi said something like the original Q has been compromised and is actually deep state misleading.
    Anyway does arresting a person downloading child porn require evacuating and shutting down their place of employment for nearly 2 weeks or evacuating the local post office or blackhawk helicopters? Costly response for something like that. Why not just arrest the person at their home quietly?

  3. I thank our Father in Heaven LA that he chose you to bring this out into the open. I no longer feel like an outsider or stupid talking about what happened to me when I encountered one of these grays when I was eleven years old! Because of you,I now know what and who these beings are and why they are here. You keep bringing new info on them and keeping up with them I know is a challenge but, with The Lord on your side and the flock praying for you LA, I know you can and will keep going until we leave together in the Rapture! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to a day when I will have a chance to talk with you about my encounter. God bless you and your work and your family.

  4. Q stated very early on that there would be a bunch of supernatural stuff involved and that some won’t believe where and how deep that rabbit hole will go but when I started talking about some I and some others like SeialBrain2 and I were pulled into a sub sub reddit for knowing too much for the “normies” at that time and to discuss and decode from the sub subreddit which is still up if you are interested. It is by invite only. Just let me know and also if you want to directly talk to decoder SB2 you’d have to tell him Ciji or PatriotCiji referred you to him as he gets tons of messages a day. He has more info on the Djinn than I do and bird languages but I just got back from touring and talking to the Native Americans in the 4 corners and hearing their stories fighting entities as well as giants when I pressed. I go there every year and now have a source that is older and talks about all of it. He doesn’t live in the 4 corners area but is there during the season of sales in summers. He lives I believe in New Mexico but I have his name and card. He’s very open and honest but leery unless you put it to him that when he says they fought entities and I responded you mean giants and other things he paused and said yes. We had some long discussions and I have some of his rock art which one has a portal on it which I prayed over to close it since he said things can come in or go out of them of course. I have just had four hand surgeries so this is as far as I can go today due to pins and stuff in my hands and my left one shifted after last year’s bone removal and plate put in so am set for MRI on Saturday or a week from actually. Hope you are fine and I have been following Q since the day he showed up. WWG1WGA and this was on the Kennedy Seal and there is a pic if you go to the Qanon.pub site as it’s easier than the 8 Chan board. He has indicated a lot and we have researched SB and I a lot about ALL OF THIS and it’s going to get deeper into the supernatural as time goes on. He is getting now into bits and pieces but not where he originally eluded we will be probably going if we can take it. I’m definitely up for it.
    I need help understanding how the Sumerian tablets that seem and I say seem to elaborate on the creation story but they go into making humans from apes..yadayada which though older than the bible they say, still seems to have the hand of satan and the 72 fallen rulers of places on earth in play as I now believe from these stories that this plan is very old and has been in flux before. However I am seeing many Christians get lost into it and believe we are from them and I don’t buy that but I do think some of the peripheral stories are true. I also don’t believe Jesus who is referred to as Dunazid or something (I forget) made the Queen of Heaven and earth Inanna bow to her once he proved he was who he said he was and she destroyed then the tower of babel. You can see where it confuses Christians because it’s dated as older. Maybe you could do a show or report on these. I have gone through the 1 and 2nd Book of Adam and Eve, the Cave of Treasures first 6 thousand years, Jasher, Jubilees, All of Enoch the original not the translated texts and in Greek and Hebrew since I am learning them and other languages now. I am finished with French, Italian, Welsh (Celtic) basic Spanish and now working on Farsi and Russian as well but I want to be able to read these older books in their direct languages. I do think it would REALLY HELP TO EXPLAIN TO NORMIES HOW THEY FIT AND DO NOT FIT INTO THE BIBLICAL NARRATIVE BECAUSE I WAS GOING to do that but I am not done reading the other 65 books that were taken out. One has alleged ways Christ taught to do things. I think they may or may not be based on Kabballah but I studied that for 10 yrs a long time ago. Not the Madonna kind the actual Kabballah and no golden dawn but I still believe it’s all been pulled into the new age and even the Kabballah warns not to do certain things. It’s actually in my opinion witchcrafty and I had tried a few of the things and yep they work but I repented once I figured out what it was in reality.
    God bless you and when you talk to Russ Dizdar tell him thanks for saving my life recently through his podcasts on warfare. I got thrown across a room after praying over native land that I definitely wasn’t prayed up enough over. Only other time I saw in my head a board coming and it hit my back and left marks from nails but nothing was there that I could see but God showed me it was coming. My two lessons so far of making sure I am more than prayed up in warfare. I guess if I keep doing this in native lands I am going to need intercessors. Hopefully we are moving to that area but east a bit more like 3 hours south of Denver in the spring God willing. But once in that area things are odd. I had something moving mine and my daughters stuff around our hotel room. I prayed it out of there and asked for no repercussions but I still got stung by a scorpion later (didn’t get sick just leg oozed I have pics) and was thrown into a wall and lamp (have the CT scan to prove it and cyann saw it). Sometimes they really hate when you order them away. I am still now going through Russ’ seminars. I probably need a better crash course only because NO CHURCH I ever went to showed us how to do this,.
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