Another High-Tech Lynching In the Works…

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


Just like Justices Clarence Thomas hearing, the Kavanaugh hearing has become, in my opinion, a high-tech lynching. Think about it. What if you were being accused by someone from 36 years ago? What if these sexual allegations that are now part of the news cycle were about you? What would you do to defend yourself? How can a person defend themselves against such accusations when snakes in office like Dianne Feinstein wait until the 11th hour to produce what I believe to be 100% bogus allegations? It’s disgusting that this is happening and the cure for this abuse of power is TERM LIMITS!
Why is this woman coming forward now? Why didn’t she say anything to a girlfriend or counselor when this happened 36 years ago? One would think that this woman would have told someone. She waits 36 years? I’m not buying any of it. I would put forth that this is nothing more than a high Tech Lynching. Feinstein and the other snakes that entwine our Capital building know that Kavanaugh will be confirmed just like Thomas they will malign him and degrade him before the public. They will eviscerate him so when the man on the street hears the Kavanaugh name they will recoil in disgust. This should never have happened to a man with the integrity and honesty like Kavanaugh. It should never have happened to Justice Thomas.
Shame on Feinstein. Shame on the Democrats. Remember this in November.


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