My NEW Book – UFO Disclosure: The 70 Year Coverup Exposed


UFO Disclosure
The 70 Year Coverup Exposed

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About UFO Disclosures

They’re here.
They’ve been here for thousands of years, making their presence known in the shadows. They might be seen by a lonely motorist on a deserted road late at night or by a frightened and confused husband in the bedroom he is sharing with his wife.
But who are “they?” What do they want? Why are they here?
Perhaps most disconcerting, has the government been aware of their presence all along, and is covertly working with them towards some secret end?
In the pages of this book you’ll meet regular people, just like you, who have encountered something beyond their ability to explain. You’ll also hear from people of great faith and deep religious belief who continue to have these strange and deeply unsettling encounters.
L. A. Marzulli explores these ongoing incidents to discover the answers to these questions and reveals what seems to be a plan to finally reveal who and what “they” are, and what they have been doing.
Can you handle the truth?
Read this book… if you dare.
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Ships Late September

September 28 – 30: SWITZERLAND with Russ Dizdar and Timothy Alberino!

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