Acceleration Radio! Brendi Wells Returns – Genocide in South Africa?

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My guest this evening will be Brendi Wells. She is originally from South Africa so she brings a very special overview of events that are unfolding in that country!

Brendi is a marketing professional from South Africa with extensive experience in marketing management, media and PR.
Brendi grew up in South Africa during the Apartheid era and witnessed the transformation as it happened in 1994 when she was old enough to vote for the first time. Having lived and worked in South Africa for the last 20 years post-apartheid, she has kept a close eye on the changes the country has gone through.
She Joined the Caravan to Midnight team 2 years ago working with John B Wells daily on reporting global current affairs and the subsequent political climate in America today – combined with her experience growing up in South Africa, she is in a unique position to connect the dots on the global agenda playing out in the world today.  
She is currently working with CTM & South African groups to assist families trying to escape the real threat of another ethnic genocide on the African continent and will be joining us today to tell us about what is really happening on the ground in South Africa with the SA president announcing that they are pushing-through the agenda of changing the constitution allowing land to be taken from South Africans without compensation.

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