Hey Mike! Happy 4th of July!

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Michael Moore should move to Venezuela!

Hollywood stars took to social media to send messages of doom, gloom, and resistance to President Donald Trump in honor of Independence Day.

“To every country on the 4th of July. We’re sorry about our president. He doesn’t reflect all of our views — and we hope you know that the majority of us are ashamed,” wrote former Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler. “We will rally each other and come back to the world one step at a time. #novemberiscoming #alsosorryabouthotdogs.”


How clueless do these people have to get before the light bulb goes off?
We have free speech in America and Moore and others are exercising their constitutional rights. Good for them.
I have my rights too and so I’ll push back on their narrow-minded pabulum with my pen!
Moore and others of his ilk should perhaps visit Venezuela for a few weeks. They would see what socialism does to a country. They would more than likely kiss the ground when they returned to America. I know I did when I returned from Peru after being there for 21 days.
There’s no other country like America. We enjoy the freedoms we have because of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Hey Mike! I wonder what would happen if you voiced your dissent in Iran, Turkey, North Korea, China, Russia or most of the countries on the planet, including the UK! You’d be dragged off in the middle of the night and never seen again!
Millions of us—the Deplorables—voted for The Donald! We love him and pray for him daily. He’s an executive that promotes the welfare of Americans first. How can you argue with that? Thank God he won.
Contrary to what you and Chelsea think millions of us disagree with your worn out, self-centered rhetoric.
Happy 4th Mike!
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