The Prayer of a Righteous Man or Woman can Change Things…

People get sick. It’s heartbreaking to see a loved one contract cancer or some other disease.

Pray can change the atmosphere. Pray can change everything. Please pray…

Please pray for Doc Marque. He’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

For Caroline. Diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Jane – my sister in law. Diagnosed with a brain tumor and has undergone all the chemo and radiation she can be administered to. Pray for forgiveness and salvation.


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  1. I can only affirm you in this: PRAY and again PRAY to our Lord Jesus. He always does what’s best for anyone that is brought before His throne and given into His hands. Pray that His Holy Spirit works in the heart, in the body, in the soul, the spirit and in all circumstances of those whom you pray for – and that He, the great creator, does work His fruits of good there everywhere. My wife and I know. We lost a 27 years old son, but he had not to suffer a long time. And our Lord saved him before he had to go. So, thanks for alerting everyone, brother Marzulli, to pray for thos who need it most! And prayer has been done and will be done!

  2. LA,
    There is a product called ASEA that is a redox molecule supplement. The molecules are small enough to pass the pineal gland and get in to the brain, I have personally met people that it had cured their cancer. I can either send you the link or put you in touch with the doctor that is the head of their eastern seaboard division. Please don’t disregard this, it works, you have to take a lot of it and it isn’t cheap but it works. Please call me if you want info.
    -Jonatha Greene cell 914-489-4694
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  3. hi LA! Quick, introduce your tumorous friend to the work of surgeon Theodore Simoncinni of Chile; no therapy or surgeries needed, just a sodium bicarbonate solution injected into the tumor to correct the PH, and abdietary guidline. I had a friend back in Tustin die of either his brain tumour or the Gamma Knife used on him and he documented it all under his Loki Entertainment Linux programmer nickname ‘overcode’ (John Reeves Hall).
    He didnt seek outside the United States of North America.

    1. sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda is the most alkaline substance. Disease including cancer, lives and thrives in a body that’s acidic (below pH 7.3). I also know of a gentleman who beat cancer by getting his pH up between 8.5 and 9 for a month of so, but after kept it above 7.5. Kangen water (micro particle alkaline water) is a great help also. Even CBD has been known to cure it (non-psycho-active).

  4. Praying the Lord God will provide the answer to healing these people.
    Appears that the above three commentators had a natural solution to kill brain cancer.
    In the meantime, prayer definitely works: “I pray in the name of Jesus, to ‘kill/curse” the cancer at the root and administer the mighty healing hand of the Lord God Almighty.
    Much blessings,

  5. LA, and all, thank you for prayers. I have been very concerned for Doc. He can s a dear brother in Christ, and it is upsetting that all these people are suddenly having to deal with brain tumors. I join with all brothers and sisters in Christ and I take the command and authority Jesus gave me over powers, principalities, rulers of darkness and wickedness in high places, I bind all words spoken, unspoken, written, unwritten, from all directions and thru all entities, I command them to be bound and go to the outer darkness, attaching themselves to nothing and to noone. For greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! For not by power, NIR by might, but by my Spirit saith the Lord. Amen.

    1. the adversary is really p-o’d. his endgame is stepping up dramatically. we need the full armour of God fully functional and the dunamis power of the Holy Ghost active as in Mark 16

  6. I will certainly pray for a miracle for Doc. Our son-in-law passed to glory from a brain tumor. I firmly believe cancer today is caused from our fallen world and the evil pollution of the end times. Cancer is a wicked evil thing. I will pray against it LA.

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