L. A. Marzulli Appears on Coast to Coast


I’ll be discussing the Strange Phenomena that occurred at Fatima 101 years ago!

Here’s some of what I will be discussing!
There was a fourth seer who had an encounter with a child-like being that appeared to her over the same tree that the “apparition” would later appear over!
Cars stopped working after the disc-like object flew less than 100 feet above the crowd!
People’s clothes became instantly dry but some had “burns” on their skin when the “disc” flew directly overhead!
Some people saw “beings” in the craft as it flew overhead.
Angel hair fell on the crowd. Is this the same substance that accompanies UFO sightings?
We have published what were never-before-seen-photographs during the so-called miracle of the sun, that clearly show a round, disc-like object directly above the apparition site!
Fatima was, in my opinion, a harbinger of deception. The acceptance of what I believe was a UFO event has set a precedent for all other so-called sun miracles. The so-called “sun miracles” have continued into modernity. People now accept them as being a sign from God. All of this because of what happened at Fatima 101 years ago.
We now know that goddess Moura who was worshipped in Portugal had the ability to “spin the sun.”
Portugal has a similar tradition which describes a race of supernatural women called the Moura Encantada who were said to be the guardians of doorways into other dimensions, as well as into the earth itself. These women were also said to be able to spin the sun, which connects intimately to the final apparition at Fatima, where thousands of witnesses watched a glowing oval of light spin through the sky.



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