Chuck Missler Has Passed Away…

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I looked at the above picture and cried this morning.
Chuck was a mentor and a friend and I/we will miss him terribly. He was one of God’s commanding generals. He had a grasp on an endless variety of topics and was erudite. He was witty, humorous, and may have been the king of “snappy comebacks!
Years ago—when I had my cabinet shop— I would run to my truck and crank the radio on to listen to Chuck’s daily presentation, 66/40. I would rarely miss a day. Chuck brought new insight to the Bible. His love of God’s word and his authority in teaching it was unique and his authority in handling it drew you into the deeper things of God.
Several years ago Bill Salus and I received the coveted Gold Medalion award from K-House. Chuck presented the awards to each of us after we had finished our presentations at the conference.
It was more than a red-letter day as here was my mentor acknowledging my research publically. Years ago sitting in my truck listening to him I never would have imagined this.
The Old Guard is being called home and Chuck was certainly one of them. His passing is a sober reminder that we are all destined for the same fate unless those who are fortunate enough to be caught up in the air and so will never taste death.
Chuck’s life was poured out in his service to the King of Kings. I’m sure he is overjoyed as he is finally in the presence of the one who he served so faithfully all these years.
Like David said of his son who died. I know I/we will see Chuck again. He will be young and vibrant and filled with the joy of the Lord.
Rest in peace Chuck and when I pass I hope and arrive at heavens gate I hope you’ll show me around…
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