Acceleration Radio – Q-Anon update – Fatima 2 !


First half-hour: Matt Brunett – Q-Anon update.
Second Half Hour: FATIMA 2 – From a recent email about a so-called Sun Miracle in Conyers Georgia.
Dear Mr. Marzulli,
Strangely enough, when I was trying to write this to you on the laptop the email just disappeared so I am resorting to sending it on my phone.
I lived in Conyers Georgia in 1992 and again in 1996 to roughly 2008. I was aware of pilgrimages to Nancy Fowler’s Farm but thought nothing of it as I was not really a Christian at the time.
The events that surrounded us there were almost surreal to say the least. It started with my fiancee at the time and myself seeing what we thought to be a UFO. Strangely I saw it change shape where he did not. Other things started happening, I saw apparitions of light in the house, I would hear strange animals noises at night that I never heard before in my life, I would have out of body experiences and so on and so forth. I contacted MUFON and they told me that they had a realm of reports from that area and some people saw religious apparitions but people viewing the same event saw a UFO. This sounded strange to me. My son began saying a demon was coming to his window at night and he was suffering nosebleeds. At the time I feared we had some kind of abduction scenario. I decided to bless the house without telling the children whereas I called on Jesus Christ to help us. The next day my son told me the demon came to his window but told him it could not come in because of something his mother did to the house and that it was scared of me.
Shortly after we moved the house had a fire where a good portion was destroyed. Now looking back I am 100 percent sure this was all tied together and was in fact demonic. For some reason, that particular has something that is charged. To add my Grandparents and Aunt went to visit Nancy Fowler’s farm I found out where they witnessed the statue of Mary winking at them and making different expressions. They took this as a sign of God, I took it as nothing good at all.
I just wanted to share that as a personal witness to some of the events. Hopefully, it can add to your research in some way. I am glad to share whatever I can about those events which I would swear under oath happened to us at that time. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information.
Kindest Regards,


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  1. My belovd and I were at Catch the Fire in Toronto some years ago now in January and in the sanctuary there was a large map of the world. Whilst whoever it was, was preaching people started oohing and aahing and standing on their chairs and they were taking photographs of the map, apparently certain cities were lighting up and more and more became excited and the preacher was just left and ignored as the vast majority focused on the map. My husband and I whilst praying in tongues looked and looked and we saw nothing, nothing at all. That was when we started to wonder whether Catch the Fir Toronto had started to lose that which Holy Spirit had given them in February 1994. A couple or so years later we went to the 20th anniversary as we had been invited by friends in middle leadership and at no time was I aware of the presence of God at all. Very, very sad. Now we stick far more closely to God’s word as we know the days are so short.

    1. I’d add a hearty amein to that Julia. I live in Hamilton just south of Toronto, and I never went to TACF or Catch the Fire, and have no personal contact with the Arnotts and thus have no “spiritual sense” of the immediate nature re them. I do recall that I had a sense that something didn’t add up when I listened to people who went describe the meetings. I do know that I questioned why some I knew who weren’t believers, were unchanged by going to the meetings. I recall an explanation that Dr. Mike Lake of gave where he shared that the LORD had shown him that what starts off as the Holy Spirit moving (even in weekly services in churches), all too often “goes off the rails” due to the fact that people in attendance have territory controlled by the enemy, in their lives, from which he can operate, and does, so that spirits in his kingdom, being manifesting and taking control thru these vessels who they control territory in, (in the spirit realm), and thus derails that which began in the Holy Spirit.

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