Is War on the Horizon in the Middle East? WIll Damascus Become a Ruinous Heap?

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Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
From an undisclosed location somewhere near the Serpent Mound in Ohio…
We have three naval task forces in the and around the Middle East. The Russians have their ships positioned also. The Civil war in Syria continues to drag on and the American people never but never see what is really going on “over there.” The above photo says it all. A man, a civilian carries a wounded girl in his arms.
The suburbs around Damascus have been reduced to complete ruble. Meanwhile, the fighting, torture, killing, starvation and mass exodus of the populace continues.
This war was designed. In my opinion, it is a war managed by the deep state. What it has done is create a “refugee crisis.” These refugees have stormed into Europe and now Europe is experiencing no-go zones because of Muslim/Sharia control. This has re-shaped the European continent in ways that Charles Martel and those who held the Muslims hordes back at the gates of Vienna could never have imagined.
Kings go to war in the Spring. Today is the vernal equinox, the first day of spring. The saber-rattling is through the roof. The arms build-up is alarming. The vitriol acerbic.
Meanwhile, we have “March Madness” which serves as the bread and circus to keep most Americans unaware that we are literally on the verge of WWIII.
Let’s hope cooler heads prevail…

LIVE UPDATES IN PROGRESS:   The United States appears to be preparing a very large strike upon Syria.  U.S. Navy Guided Missile Cruisers and Destroyers have been formed into strike groups in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in the Red Sea and in the Persian Gulf.
Worse: Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) reports US forces have trained terrorists in Syria’s southern de-escalation zone to use chemical weapons and are preparing a false flag attack, 20 tons of chlorine has been delivered to them.

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