More UFO Over Manhattan – The Great Deception is HERE!

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Manhattan reported more UFO sightings than any other borough

Manhattan has gone from Studio 54 to Area 51, leading the five boroughs in sightings of unidentified flying objects over the last two years, data from the National UFO Reporting Center reveals.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

NOTE!!! What a great conference in Alabama, at the Church of His Presence! Thanks to Pastor John Kilpatrick for inviting me! The folks there are warm and loving and welcomed us with open arms. The worship was some of the best I’ve ever experienced. WOW! What a weekend!

I spoke three times and presented a three-hour PowerPoint on the burgeoning UFO phenomena. We had  Q & A time afterward. Pastor Mark Biltz spoke last night and presented some very interesting information in regards to 2018! We’re headed to our good friends at Prophecy Watchers today. 

I could care less about a bunch of self-serving-over-paid actors who weigh in on anything. Give me a break. Who gives a hoot about what you wear or what person you pretended to be in your latest film.
 Your vitriol toward our President is wearisome and thus I and perhaps millions of other Americans who Voted for The Donald won’t go see your jejune films.
Meanwhile, in The Big Apple…
UFO sightings are being reported! Now that piques my interest. (This story was on the Drudge Report.) The rollout of UFO disclosure is ongoing.  Why now? All of a sudden people are discussing lights in the sky, sightings of craft, orbs, abductions, crop circles and everything UFO related. What will this year bring in regard to the phenomena? Will we see parts of a downed craft?
Will scientists tell us they have back-engineered these craft like Philip Corso tells us in his book? Will a group of government “officials” inform us that the so-called extraterrestrial presence is in fact, a reality?
What about showing us the bodies of the ET’s that went down in the Roswell crash of 1947? (Most likely this picture was staged)
Will there be a further admittance by Washington of what actually happens in Area 51 like Bob Lazar has been telling us for years?
 The UFO phenomena is complex. We covered some of it in our award-winning Watchers 7 & 8.
We extracted an “implant” that had been a man for 40 years. (real picture from the operation we conducted)
We interviewed Robert Salus about his abduction experience.
Dr. Lier gave us footage of the Kumburgaz UFO incident. (real photo of the craft showing what appears to be the Grays)
Then I created In Their Own Words and interviewed people from all walks of life about their UFO experience. Lights in the sky, orbs, missing time, hybrid beings, and what I have come to call UFO brain-fog.
As I have stated numerous times, in my opinion, these are not friendly beings from some distant planet but nefarious interdimensional entities that have a dark agenda.
More to come in the following days as I keep an eye on the ongoing UFO DISCLOSURE…


It’s been over 4 years of work but we finally have the results from our ongoing DNA research with the enigmatic Paracas Skulls. We have bought a team of experts together in our study of these skulls and will be presenting our findings at a formal press conference on February 2nd, in Los Angeles.
You will hear from our archaeologist, Mondo Gonzales who will present our DNA findings. Rick Woodward, our anthropologist will discuss his work. Brien Foerster, researcher/biologist will present, as well as Dr. Michael Alday, Dr. Malcom Warren and forensic field expert, Chase Kloetske and yours truly. Film-maker and DirectorRichard Shaw will show a compilation film of our many visits to Peru, including our DNA extraction.
Seating is limited to 75 and we encourage reservations for this event.

We will be filming the event and putting it up on VIMEO and also be creating DVD’s which we will sell in order to raise money to continue the research! L. A.


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