Watchers 7: Physical Evidence


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In this award-winning film, we interview Mexico’s most repected UFO researcher, Jaime Maussan, whose UFO videos are the best in the world. Dr. Leir takes us into X-Ray where we examine “Bill,” who believes he has an alien implant…

More and more people around the globe are realizing that UFO sightings are real, and they are not going away. We’ll take you to one of the worlds leading experts in UFO’s Jaime Maussan. We travelled to mexico and interviewed Hymie and his staff. We saw unbelievable things. We’ll take you inside and show you that incredible footage. Jose Escamilla will show us what might be hidden structures on the lunar surface. We’ll take you into the lab and examine evidence, physical evidence of UFO encounters. We’ll also show you samples that we took from a sphere that supposedly fell from space into a farmers field. At the citizens hearing on UFO disclosure in Washington D.C. Six congressman got to hear incredible things. We sat down with Stephen Bassett, the organizer of the conference and discussed it with him. We also talked to Chris Putnam, co-author of the best selling book Exo-Vaticana. we sat down with chris and asked him to explain what the Vatican’s relationship is with the extra-terrestrial phenomena. The data says that more people believe in extra-terrestrials than believe in God. we also interviewed Dr. David Jacob, who took us inside the alien abduction Phenomena. Dr. Jacob also weighs in on what he thinks the end game might be to the alien abduction phenomenon.

In Depth Interviews with:

  • Gary Stearman – Host of Prophecy in the News
  • Stephen Bassett – Organizer of the Citizens Hearing on UFOs in Washington DC
  • Cris Putnam – Co-author of EXO-Vaticana
  • George Filer – Former Colonel and UFO witness
  • Chuck Missler – Author & Biblical Scholar
  • Dr. David Jacobs – Abduction researcher
  • Jamie Maussan – Host of the weekly UFO program seen by over 4 million people in Mexico each week
  • David Stinnett – UFO researcher
  • Jim Wilhelmsen – Author and UFO researcher
  • Jose Escamilla – UFO investigator
  • Dr. Roger Leir – Implant removal
  • Steven Colbern – Chief Scientist for A. & S. Research


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