The Prophetic Mideast Wars: America + Israel VS Russia + Iran

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The Prophetic Mideast Wars DVD is a timely PowerPoint teaching by Bill Salus that addresses the following topics:

  • The timing and details of Ezekiel 38,
  • Why America is likely the young lions of Tarshish in Ezekiel 38,
  • How America loses its superpower status,
  • The disaster in Iran as per the prophecy of Elam,
  • The destruction of Damascus in Isaiah 17,
  • How Israel suffers a severe attack in Isaiah 17,
  • The toppling of Jordan as per the Ammonite prophecies,
  • How Jerusalem becomes a “Cup of Trembling,”
  • How the IDF defeats the Arab states in Psalm 83,
  • The spiritual showdown between Christianity and Islam.

This DVD points out how Mideast peace gets achieved militarily through prophetic wars, rather than diplomatically via politically brokered agreements. Watch over one-hour and ten-minutes of highly relevant teaching by one of today’s top Bible prophecy experts.

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