Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking + A Field Manual to Spiritual Warfare


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Interview with Josh Peck – Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking


There is a sinister wickedness encompassing our country it doesn’t fit any profile, doesn’t lend to predictability, and strikes without warning. While this specific evil may sound familiar, and though millions of lives have been brutalized, very few understand how deep it goes. Child sex trafficking is only the beginning. There is an organized, occult effort that sometimes uses these children as sacrifices to ancient, bloodthirsty, demonic entities. Never before has a documentary dared to expose the true depths of this dangerous evil. You will be shocked at how common this problem is in our country and, after watching this film, you will never be the same.

In Silent Cry, the most world-renown experts in the fields of trafficking, pedophilia, and satanism come together to warn you about the horrors of our present time, as well as those that are coming, so you can be prepared to defend yourself and your family when it inevitably arrives.

In this groundbreaking documentary from film visionary Josh Peck, you will learn:

  • The statistical likelihood that your family will have to confront trafficking or satanic ritual abuse
  • How to recognize if you or your family are already a target for satanic or sexual abuse, and how to minimize the risks
  • Why the Jeffrey Epstein case was only one example of a deep corruption that controls this country from the highest levels of government
  • How the occult ruins of Orgy Island fill in the blanks surrounding Jeffery Epstein’s staged suicide
  • How Hollywood is actively engaged in channeling, cannibalism, and unimaginable demonic perversion
  • Why the mainstream media and culture are complicit in normalizing pedophilia
  • Practical steps you can take in joining the fight against child sex trafficking

Featuring: Jaco Booyens, Ilonka Deaton, David Heavener, Thomas Dunn, Joe Horn, Steven Bancarz, Dr. Thomas Horn, and Josh Peck
Narrated by John B. Wells Produced by Dr. Thomas Horn and Joe Horn Written, directed, and edited by Josh Peck Silent Cry is a Josh Peck documentary created by SkyWatch Films

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