On the Trail of the Nephilim Complete Series - Streaming


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Is there a hidden history? A history so explosive and so radically different than what is being taught in school that, should it become known, could completely rewrite history?
Is this history being deliberately covered up to keep the people – you and me – from finally learning the truth?
L.A. Marzulli has been on a decades-long quest that has taken him around the globe in his quest for answers…and what he has found will tear the cloak of darkness off this hidden history and reveal a past that is almost beyond belief. (Trailers Below)
  • Who were the mysterious moundbuilders that left massive earthworks throughout North America?
  • How did ancient hunter gatherers using primitive tools have time to randomly move millions of tons of dirt to these specific locations?
  • How did they keep these structures perfectly level over hundreds and thousands of feet?
  • Where did they develop the knowledge of advanced geometry and trigonometry that was necessary to design many of these complex earthworks?
  • Why can many of these massive monuments only be seen from the air?
  • How is it that every Native American tribe states that the mounds were already present when they arrived… and that they were built by giants?
  • What would cause a device used to detect paranormal activity to suddenly exhibit behavior never observed before?
  • Why would Mayan elders visit these sites and perform ancient rituals with crystal skulls?
  • What is a 4,000 year old stone inscribed “To Baal of the Canaanites” doing in New England?
  • Why is it inscribed using an ancient language peculiar to the Phoenicians?
  • Why is the site where it was found aligned with such astronomical precision?
  • If the ancient Phoenician people were here, why?
  • Where did they develop the ability to navigate the ocean and the knowledge of advanced  astronomical alignments without the aid of modern telescopes?
  • What is the purpose of the strange ovoid indention on the top of a rock that looks suspiciously like an ancient altar used for human sacrifice?
  • How is it that the site known as the American Stonehenge is aligned precisely with its more popular counterpart in England? And with the massive buildings in ancient Baalbek, Lebanon, home of the ancient Phoenicians?
Do you want to stay in the dark about our history, or are you ready for the truth? Buckle up as L.A. Marzulli kicks open the door to the past and reveals the shocking and disturbing truth that has been hidden from you.


American’s Stone Henge is an enigmatic site located in New Hampshire. It holds secrets that are slowly being uncovered due to the continuous work of Dennis Stone and his family. Did the Phoenicians create this site 4000 years ago? Was human sacrifice practiced there? Who is Baal of the Canaanites?


What would cause a device used to detect paranormal activity to suddenly exhibit a behavior never observed before?

Can prayer change the way in which the other side interacts with those of us that are still living on this side?

Ancient structures located throughout the American have provided a tantalizing and enigmatic puzzle for generations. Many have attempted to explain their existence by crediting their origins to Native Americans. But Native Americans state that these mounds were already in existence when they found them, and that they were constructed by giants!



Episode 2 on Mound Builders continues to pile on the evidence that the historical narrative we’ve been fed has nothing to do with reality. Those who predated the Indians were far more advanced and what they left behind seems to point back to the trail the Nephilim left behind!
– Matt Brunet

We have long been taught that giants are the stuff of children’s fairy tales and mythology. Marzulli’s well-documented research challenges the intellectually honest to take a fresh look at this nebulous part of human history.



Two Millennia ago a culture that is still unknown to us today erected thousands of mounds throughout the Midwestern United States to the Gulf of Mexico.

They are called the Hopewell, the Adena or the Mississippian… However, no one knows what these people actually called themselves. In other words, they remain mysterious and unknown to us today.

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