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On the Trail of the Nephilim 4: American Stonehenge The Canaanite Connection

American’s Stone Henge is an enigmatic site located in New Hampshire. It holds secrets that are slowly being uncovered due to the continuous work of Dennis Stone and his family. Did the Phonecians create this site 4000 years ago? Was human sacrifice practiced there? Who is Baal of the Canaanites?

Fatima 2: Strange Phenomena

We are releasing our groundbreaking film in The Watchman Chronicles series, Fatima 2 – Strange Phenomena. This film is explosive as it contains never before seen photographs from the 1917 events in Fatima, Portugal. Does this photograph prove that a disc-like object went over the crowd on the moors of Fatima almost 101 years ago? Does it validate many of the eye-witnesses who claimed to have seen a dull, silver disc? We are also offering the book by Jose Machado, who is a professor of Semiotics and gained access to the sanctuary at Fatima where he discovered the circular object in the photograph. Fatima 2 also reveals:

  • The Fourth Witness, Carolina Carrera, who went unnoticed until Fina D’Armada sought her out. She had an encounter with a being that hovered over the tree-tops and communicated with her telepathically.
  • Car windshields exploded during the event!
  • A strange fiber-like substance, that the people called “angel hair,” fell from the sky!
  • The worship of ancient female goddesses and many other so-called apparition sites.
  • Car windshields exploded during the so-called Miracle of the Sun.
  • We uncovered numerous other apparitions and “sun-miracles” in modernity and reveal them in the film.

We are told that Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders. Was Fatima with all of its strange phenomena a harbinger of deception?

Fatima 2: The Reviews Are In!

“LA Marzulli’s new Fatima video goes further into the origin of the location of the phenomena and subsequent deception of the willing masses. The photographic evidence shown in the film further reinforces the idea of an outside influence heavily imbued in ancient occultic idolatry. But the short piece near the end of modern examples of light flares and sun effects and subsequent fake “visions” are perhaps the most notable, and while the UFO component of Fatima now seems blatantly obvious, the ongoing light displays need to be seen. They give us pause that the deception goes on unabated to the masses — willing to believe anything without the slightest regard that they’re being taken in. And with that knowledge, we can see how easy it will be for the anti-christ character to fool those same masses to their own peril.”

Richard ShawDirector / Producer Pinlight LLC

“That was a terrific film, it explains the falsehood of what I embraced as a child as heaven sent. Well done La!”
Rhonda M.Film Editor

“I watched LA Marzulli’s new film, “Fatima 2″, and was on the edge of my seat for the entire duration of this new and exciting addition to his intense and informative Watchman’s Chronicles series. Never before have I seen someone go into such a painstakingly detailed analysis of what took place in Fatima so many years ago. He uncovers, discovers and presents the TRUTH in a way no other researcher has dared to do. This film is certainly his best work to date. I highly suggest you view the film. It’s a life-changing experience. As Christians, we must look to the Supernatural and to history in order to understand the times we are in now. L.A. takes you down that path, he makes you think, he makes you question and most importantly, he makes you realize just how important your spiritual knowledge and growth are in the ever-changing times we live in today. This one’s a keeper folks. Get it today and share the information with all from the top of The Wall.” God Bless,
Mike Kerr
Co-FounderHear the Watchmen Ministries

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