Will We Come Back From This?

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Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

According to recent stats, there are over 30 million people out of work. Many small business have gone belly up and will never reopen. This is not only happening here in the USA but globally as well. What is the aftermath? Will the US recover? What will happen to the millions of people who have lost their jobs?

Then there’s the democratic governors who are declaring that they may never reopen their states until a vaccine is found. That draconian, authoritative position will further damage what’s left of our economy.

When I interviewed Dr. Graves this week (See my YOUTUBE channel) she confirmed that more than likely the Wuhan virus would mutate so that by the time a vaccine was produced it would have little or no effect on preventing the disease.

What has happened in the two months since the shutdown is the collapse of the middle class. Will we see massive defaults on mortgages resulting in bread lines, and soup kitchens in what was once thriving cities?

To close today’s post. I honestly think we have been completely scammed. The number of deaths from the Wuhan virus has been exaggerated.

Two people Dr. “Fiasco” and Dr. Birks have turned this country into a locked-down dystopian nightmare where all are told to shelter in place to prevent the disease. The problem is we don’t have the science to back this up. We don’t know if the sheltering place had any effect on limiting the spread of the disease.

Are we looking at the unfolding of prophecies written about the seven-year period known as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble or more commonly referred to as The Tribulation? I would state that this is an unprecedented event in the history of the world and certainly may be a precursor to the Beast System.

Will we need papers in order to travel? Will the vaccines be mandatory? Will the vaccine carry a “mark” in it that could be scanned to see if the person has had the Covid 19 vaccine?

What will the aftermath be…?

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