What do a Communist, a Want to be Indian, a Guy Who Is Married To Another Guy and A Guy who Can’t Remember what State He’s in and a Billionaire have in COMMON!

They’re all running for president!

Commentary and total disbelief
L. A. Marzulli
This is the best we have? This is it? What has any of these Politicians—except Bloomberg— done other than run for office and live off the public dole? What has Bernie done with his 70+ years on this planet? What can Bernie point to and proudly say “I made that!” Is there anything he’s done? What an angry old fool who lifts up the likes of Fidel Castro over Abraham Lincoln. He should talk to some Cuban exiles who lost family members in Castro’s torture chambers!
Then there’s Faux-a-haunt-us. This woman has lied and obfuscated her entire life. Has she ever done anything in the private sector? Like Bernie, all she offers is Taxes taxes and more taxes!
Mayor Pete is married to another man and he’s proud of it. Good luck Pete, as America’s not ready for you or y our husband in spite of what the left-wing press tells us.
There’s sleepy, QUid-pro-Joe Biden. He can’t remember what state he’s in! He offers us nothing but the same nonsense that wrecked the economy under 8 years of Obummer
Bloomberg is the only accomplished business person on the stage. He’s right when calls Bernie a communist. But he’ll never get the nomination…
In short, it’s just appalling that these are the people that want to run our country. There’s no way any of them would hold a handle to Trump who is in the process of draining the swamp and it with the corruption that has plagued our country for decades.
Illegal FISA warrants manipulated by the FBI.
Russian Collusion hoax paid for and implemented by the DNC and Hillary for President.
Spying on the Trump Campaign while he was a candidate.
Using the IRS as a weapon to silence conservative voices.
Need I say more?
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