Snake-like UFO Returns!
Comment and A nothing-to-see-here-folks-please-keep-moving-RANT!
L. A. Marzulli
This story was posted on The Drudge Report, need I say more? Of course, I do and so your intrepid host will continue to warn about the coming great deception. Tick-tock.
We’ve turned a corner as more UFO sightings are being reported on main-stream media outlets than ever before. Can full disclosure be eminent?
Recently I had a “case” in which a man has been seeing lots of UFOs. In fact, he gets up at 3 am and goes outside his house photographs them…mistake #1! He also has missing time and recently marks appeared on his arm. The troubling aspect is t his. Identical marks appeared on this man’s son’s arm as well. Coincidence? I don’t think so. He went to his doctor and the doctor ruled out bug bites and stated that the marks looked surgical.
I’ve heard this before. I told him that he needed to get help and support from a local body of believers so I asked him for the number of the church he was going to. I called and tried to talk to the pastor in charge of the men’s ministry. It didn’t go well as the man thought I was off my rocker.
And so this is the problem. Here’s a man who is having encounters and there’s nowhere to turn. If he says something to his pastor he’s thought of as a nut case.
The church should be at the forefront of defining what the UFO phenomenon is, which in my opinion is demonic deception. Instead, we choose to ignore it and perhaps even think that it will just go away. It’s not going to go away and in fact, I’ll state here the phenomenon is burgeoning! LOL!
Most churches and pastors still do not take the subject seriously. However, this man who contacted me needs support and help from his local church, instead of the ridicule and skepticism that is too often the status quo.
I guarantee that upwards of 30% of the people in any congregation in the USA when asked, have seen lights in the sky, orbs, UFOs, sleep paralysis or had an encounter with a being. What are we to make of this? Are we to sweep it under the rug and ignore it?

Get informed! Know that the Coming Great Deception is here!




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