Babylon Sisters… Shake It! or Please Stay in Vegas Baby

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Commentary and Offended
L. A. Marzulli
First the good news. I’m really glad the Chiefs won. I don’t watch football but I usually tune into the Super Bowl as I think it’s a barometer of where we are as a culture.
Bob Jones allegedly had a prophetic word some years ago. Essentially he stated that when the Chief’s one it would signal a revival.  The chiefs haven’t won in 50 years. We certainly need a revival in our country and so I’m all for praying it in!




The bad news is that, as some of the comments suggest below it is now socially acceptable to watch a half-naked woman with your family dance on a pole.

Comments about the sexualized nature of the Super Bowl performance began during Shakira’s opening act. 

Fox News’ Raymond Arroyo tweeted: “My 16 year old just now: ‘The #Superbowl is the only time of the year when it is socially acceptable to watch half-naked women with your family.’ #PepsiHalftime #theseKidsDontLie”

Arroyo, who appears in a weekly culture segment on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” followed up: “We went from Ella Fitzgerald to J-Lo on a pole. And this is cultural growth? #PepsiHalftime”

There’s a song by Steely Dan, Babylon Sister Shake It. This is what the so-called vapid and jejune performance was, Mystery Babylon in your face. J-lo and Shakira are the High Priestesses. They are worshipped by the other dancers. Then there’s J-lo imitating Jesus on the Cross.
I’m just amazed at the way they sneak this stuff in and it’s given a pass by the idiots who run the Super Bowl half time show… This is America and I can choose not to watch the game and half show. I can turn the TV off. However, if I do that then I would not be able to post this commentary.
The antics of J-Lo and Shakira may be the nadir of Superbowl halftime shows. Musically there was nothing that stood out not a single note especially when some yo-yo-yo clown with a mic comes on stage flashing gang symbols and we can’t understand a word he’s saying not to mention there’s nothing musical about what he’s doing.
There’s no take-a-way, nothing uplifting. Nothing you would point to and tell your child to take note. Simply put the half time show belongs in Vegas where the slot zombies and bleary-eyed weekend gamblers can enjoy the gyrations to their heart’s content…
America in some ways is a modern-day Babylon and unfortunately, this offensive half-time spectacle reflects what is now acceptable in our culture. I’ll point us back to the good news. Bob Jones had a prophetic word and I’m going to stand on that. I’m going to pray for revival. I’m going to focus on bringing people into the kingdom. I think time is short. He might pour out His Spirit one last time before we go up… Maranatha!
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