UFO Disclosure on Fox and Friends!

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Commentary and Monday Morning Musings
L. A. Marzulli
I’m headed to the first conference of the year, Alien Snowfest, in Big Bear Lake. Nick Pope is going to be there along with George Noory and a host of other UFO researchers. I will be presenting my research on the so-called Fatima apparitions which after years of investigation, came to the conclusion that it was a UFO event.
But back to Nick Pope. Pope was on Fox and Friends yesterday. I received several emails alerting me of his appearance. Pope discussed the newly released footage by the Navy of the so-called Tic-Tac shaped UFO that the USS Nimitz had a close encounter with. Please remember that this is on Fox not Coast to Coast.
In other words, the discussion of the UFO phenomenon has gone main-stream. Watch it for yourself at the link below!


We have to ask ourselves this question. How long will it before we see full disclosure? What will happen when we see a UFO manifest over a city somewhere and just hover there for several days. What will you think? What will you tell your kids? What will your pastor say? How will this change our world?
The late David Flynn posited that there would be some kind of nuclear event in the Middle East that would trigger “their” arrival. I talked to Flynn via telephone and incorporated his research in my book The Revealing which was fiction and the third in the Nephilim series.
Since that publication, I have written numerous non-fiction articles and books discussing what I have come to call The Coming Great Deception. However, it would appear that something is restraining the full-blown manifestation of the UFO phenomenon. What or should I say who is doing the restraining?
We go up they show up. We go up they come down. L.A. Marzulli 2018

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