Impeachment Sham May Lead to Civil War…

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
The entire impeachment proceedings are nothing more than a scam run by the Democrats to remove President Trump from office so he can’t get a second term. Over 60 million people voted Trump into office and the Democratic majority is seeking to negate the will of the people.
They have nothing on him. Trump committed no crime. There was no quid pro quo, which is the basis for the impeachment, and that is a matter of fact. This is nothing more than a KGB-Soviet-style witch hunt where our president is guilty before the trial even starts.
The Democrats have been trying to remove Trump from office since the day they lost the election in 2016.
Meanwhile, we have the real quid pro quo with Biden. We have the abuse of the FISA courts. We have Schiff essentially spying on other members of Congress by snooping into their phone records. All of this gets a pass in our media? Seriously?
Think about this. If this can happen to our president they can do this to any one of us. In fact, they already have with Manfort, Carter Page, and General Flynn. So what will happen if they impeach? I don’t think the American people are going to take this lying down. We are at an impasse in this country and we are more divided than any other time since the Civil War. While I hope people WON’T take to the streets, I would posit that this is exactly what will happen.
In closing the American people can see through this sham but there will be push back if the bogus impeachment hearing results in removing our president. God help us…


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