Footage of UFO From The Space Station

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Hi L.A.!
I’ve been following your work for years and actually came up with the same conclusions as you way back in the mid to late 1980s.
I had been noticing recurring statements in New Age literature about UFO’s and their link to meditation and the spirit world.
I started putting things together with the UFOs and the rapture of the Church, but then pretty much kept this “theory” of mine to
myself.  It was so refreshing when I first got online in the late 1990s and read where others had arrived at the same conclusion.
Then I stumbled onto you with YouTube and the rest is history.  I had heard Chuck Missler teach about the UFO/Nephilim connection
on his radio show, but no one else until your videos on YT.  I thank the Lord for your hard work, which at times has not been so well
received or rewarded.  So happy to see that it is finally coming onto the mainstream of the Church.  I have also purchased several
of your books and your Watchers Series which I have shown to friends and family, such a blessing!
Anyway LA, in case you’ve not yet seen it, check out this video from a very reputable YT Channel, Mr.MBB333, this one is on a whole other level.
Mr.MMBB333 has appeared on the History Channels “Ancient Aliens” and I’ve always found his work to be top-notch.  Here you go>>>
Thank you again LA, and may the Lord bless you and your’s,
Marcus V./Dallas, Texas


Folks! UFOs are real burgeoning and NOT going away! We have two resources that will bring you up to speed about what is going on and where all of this is headed. In my opinion, this is the coming great deception and it’s no longer a theory but it’s manifesting now! Get up to speed. Arm yourself with what I and many others believe is the truth about the UFO phenomenon! L. A.

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