I won’t be Visiting Mexico Anytime Soon…

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L. A. Marzulli

I won’t be visiting Mexico anymore.
Mexico could be an incredible destination! Its endless coastline with pristine beaches could be developed, sadly most of them are not. Mexico’s ancient ruins are an ongoing attraction. Places like Teotijuacan—where I filmed and spent the day—are a must-see. However, there is no rule of law there and, in my opinion, the country is ruled by the drug cartels, so I won’t be going back any time soon.
It’s just not safe to go there and coupled with the insanity and corruption that goes hand in hand with the drug trade is the worship of ancient demon gods. As seen from the grisly picture above, there are altars that are set up and offerings are made to an ancient principality that has ruled over the area for millennia.
I would posit this is the same “diety” that the Mayans sacrificed thousands of people too in a ritualistic slaughter. In our recent interview with Battle-buddy Russ Dizdar, he addressed this!
In our latest film in the On the Trail of the Nephilim series, we show the Mayan elders coming to our country with the 13 Crystal skulls. They perform a ritual at the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio! Can you believe it? They know what the serpent mound is and that’s why they went there.
We show them chanting which I believe opened a portal or a doorway to let “the old ones”—think Fallen angels—back in. The place is demonically charged! Heck, it’s an effigy of a  serpent so what do you expect?
(I’ll be interviewing Tony Kail soon. Tony is a researcher and author who has been studying occult activity in Mexico and Central America and how it ties into the drug cartels.) 
The Loony left has no idea of the supernatural implications of human sacrifice and how real power is given to those practitioners who worship these ancient demon gods. Open borders? Really? In my opinion, we can’t build the wall fast enough. Of course, the MSM won’t put two and two together and won’t connect the growing opioid crisis with open borders. They won’t acknowledge that there is a real problem at the gates of our country.
Mexico will never be the country it could be as long as the corruption remains. The army should be called in to fight the cartels but many officers are, from what I have read, paid off by the cartels.
Drugs are killing thousands of Americans every year and there are hit squads paid by the cartels embedded in our country. Keep the poison out… build the stinking wall!
Pray for Mexico…


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